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Slow Cooking 101

Slow Cooking 101

Start healthy eating, the hands off way!

If you made a resolution to eat healthier in the new year, we support you!  We also want you to achieve this goal without spending hours in the kitchen each day!   Check out these easy, family friendly, hands-off recipes that will have you eating better, eating more fruits and vegetables without a hassle and a lot less clean up.   

1.     Sweet Potato, Plantain & Lentil Caribbean Curry :  This vegan entrée has a good amount of protein and satisfies with a combo of warm spices, sweet potatoes and plantains!

2.     Lemon Chicken and Veggie Soup:  This soup is the epitome of set it and forget it.  With little effort you’ll have an aromatic chicken soup that is ready to satisfy!

3.     Meal Prep Chicken Teriyaki Bowls:  Four hearty meals are coming your way with 30 minutes of effort with this slow cooker gem.  Chicken + veggies + rice + teriyaki = comfort food ready when you want it!

4.     Fiesta Pulled Chicken Sandwich:  You may want to double this crowd pleasing pulled chicken recipe for when kids have friends over for dinner! 

5.     “Cheesy” Chicken Chili Nachos:  Put this recipe into your game day rotation because your sports fans are going to LOVE IT as much as you do! One large platter makes 8 substantial portions for a hungry crowd!

6.     Warm Pineapple Tea Punch: The slow cooker isn’t just for soups and stews!  This beverage does double duty as it satisfies thirst and fills the house with a fruity aroma.

7.     Vegan Jambalaya:  This is truly a one pot dish that has all the important players.  Protein from beans, lots of veggies and filling rice laced with seasonings that make it hard to notice that it’s vegan! 

8.     Aloha Chili:  The secret ingredient in this recipe delivers a super tender chili that is slightly sweet.  Can you guess what it is!?  Pineapple!

9.     Minestrone Soup:  You don’t need to serve a salad when your soup is brimming with ALL THE VEGETABLES!  This one is so savory and satisfying it’s sure to be a winter staple. 

10.  Pineapple Braised Slow Cooker Chicken: Just add 90-second rice to make this braised chicken into a complete meal with only 20 minutes of hands-on time! 

You can’t go wrong with any of these recipes to get yourself in the routine of better health this new year!  Be sure to follow us on social and let us know which ones you tried!

Published January 1, 2023

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