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New Traditions

New Traditions

Healthy habit starters

Does your family celebrate the holidays with special food traditions?  You may actually have several unspoken traditions, if you sit down and think about it.  Do you make hot chocolate after playing outside in the snow?  Do you make a variety of Christmas cookies or homemade eggnog to share with friends and family each year?  Maybe potato latkes on the menu more often come December?

While many of these foods are often on the higher side when it comes to fat and added sugar, there may be a silver lining when it comes to nutrition linked to how they are enjoyed and prepared.  Think about it.  These foods are often labor intensive and require precious time, attention and skill in order to make them.  And that time can double as an added opportunity to bond with children, grandparents and extended family during the cooking process.    

Setting aside time to make indulgent holiday foods, as opposed to purchasing them, connects us more deeply with understanding the ingredients and time that goes into making the finished dish.  That experience can also help guide sensible portions and savor the experience of sharing “the yule log” for example.  You’re less likely to sit down and cut a sizeable piece of chocolate cake, after an intimate understanding of the lengthy process it takes to make! 

Quite possibly the best part of food traditions, is that they’re shared with friends and family.  Often around a table, counter or fireplace the intimacy and togetherness foster a positive connection among those present. 

Our very own digital media manager at Dole shared that she and her children created a tradition over the years where each child gets a dedicated night to take turns wrapping gifts one-on-one with mom.  With the bonus of picking out snacks to sustain them through it!  With the guardrails in place that most of the snacks need to be “healthy”, it remains an activity that her children look forward to each year. 

Gift wrapping snacks …

1.     3 Ingredient Banana Drop Cookies

2.     Healthy Holiday Eggnog

3.     Loaded Banana Bread

4.     Chocolate Bites

5.     Ultimate Banana Pudding

6.     Warm Pineapple Tea Punch

Published December 1, 2022

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