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Build a Better Plate

Build a Better Plate

5 Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month®

What makes a “better plate” anyway?  Since most Americans are falling short on meeting the daily recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables, we suggest starting with what you can add to your current favorite meals and recipes.  It’s easier than incorporating brand new and unfamiliar recipes. 

Check out these American classics and our suggestions for how to build a better plate, one fruit and vegetable at a time. 

1.     The Classic Cheese Burger – If you’re into taking baby steps, start by keeping the lettuce, tomato and onion, on the burger!  Or swap them out for something a little different like grilled squash and peppers.  If you want to go further, try our Southwest Cauliflower-White Bean Burger or Plantain Lentil Burger to swap your beef or turkey burger for a plant-based version!

2.     Mac & Cheese – This comfort food staple can get a bad wrap from the elevated fat content, but that can be offset by substituting some of the cheese with something like pureed butternut squash or even carrots!  You could also toss broccoli florets into the pasta water during the last 2 minutes of cooking and then pour your cheese over the top!  Alternatively, you can make a guilt free vegan version!

3.     Chicken Parm – A traditional chicken parm dinner is usually served with pasta and marinara sauce.  Why not amp up the vegetables by swapping your chicken cutlet for a breaded  cauliflower steak?  It’s possibly too good to be true!

4.     Tacos – The filling makes the meal! From shredded chicken or fish to beans or tofu you can fill your shell with almost anything and still have a delicious meal.  Add a cabbage slaw and cilantro to your fish tacos or shredded iceberg, tomatoes and avocado to pulled chicken, heck you could even use an Ultimate Caesar Salad kit as a convenient filling!

5.     Stir Fry – Stir fry’s can go down in a variety of ways, but they always have a protein source and vegetables and served over rice.  In our version we take it to the next level with a sweet and savory play by adding pineapple. 

6.     Sloppy Joes – Give this classic American beef sandwich a boost from vegetables by subbing in diced mushrooms for half of the beef.  You could also consider using lentils too – it won’t sacrifice the protein or flavor either!

7.     Pizza – We all know pizza night isn’t going away anytime soon - but that doesn’t mean, it has to feel like a step back when it comes to health!  Try amping up the nutrition for your next pizza by adding a simple side salad, topping with your favorite vegetables like peppers and onions or even substitute your crust all together with one made from cauliflower!

8.     Fried Rice – Fried rice is a naturally great vehicle for vegetables.  Experiment with your standard recipe by adding sprouts, peas, mixed vegetables and hearts of palm.  And if you think more is better, try adding a cup of cauliflower rice or even diced pineapple just before serving!

9.     American Goulash – This one pot meal has basic ingredients that can feed a crowd on a budget.  Make it even more wallet-friendly by subbing in lentils for beef, as we did in our Vegan Cheeseburger Skillet!

Published March 1, 2023

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