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Hit the Road with Healthy Summer Snacks

Hit the Road with Healthy Summer Snacks

Hit the Road with Healthy Summer Snacks


Summer means road trips with your family! But don't let hunger ruin the fun. Instead of relying on overpriced gas station snacks and fast food, pack your own healthy treats. We've got a list of easy-to-pack options that will keep you fueled and feeling great on the road. No more hangry arguments or regretful binging. Get ready for a stress-free, and healthy trip.


The key to snacking healthy is incorporating fruits and vegetables, and at Dole, we are bananas for bananas at snack time. Not only are they a great source of energy, but they also contain fiber, vitamins and minerals that the body needs – all in a convenient portable package. Plus they are the key ingredient in our whipped strawberry-banana yogurt dip, Grab and Go Chewy Banana Cereal Bars, and Classic Dole Banana Bread. Other fruits and vegetables such as berries, grapes, carrots, and snap peas are also perfect for car snacking and fit perfectly into reusable silicone storage bags or containers to keep them fresh, neat and ready to eat. 


Next, be sure to include protein and healthy fats to keep you full. Hard-boiled eggs, individual packets of nut butter, and sliced low-fat cheeses are all great options. For a more substantial bite, add whole-grain crackers or mini pretzels to that duo.


If you're driving with children, get them involved in the selection process. Let them choose a few snack options, and be sure to pack a variety of choices. This will keep them interested and excited about snack time. Our Dole Banana Energy Bites are kid friendly, easy to make and even easier to pack.   


Just because you're hitting the road doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your healthy eating habits or your wallet. With a little planning and preparation, healthy summer snacks can be just as convenient and easy as grabbing a bag of chips at a gas station. So, pack up that cooler and enjoy your road trip with delicious and nutritious goodies that will fuel your adventure. Happy snacking!


Published July 1, 2023

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