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Just Peel and Eat

Just Peel and Eat

The top 6 ways to eat bananas according to our expert sales team

Having grown them for well over a century at Dole, we know a thing or two about bananas.  In honor of April 19th’s National Banana Day, we’re bringing you the inside scoop from our expert sales team.  We asked them how they like to eat bananas at every meal of the day from breakfast to dinner and everything in between.  Read on to see what they had to say are the best ways to enjoy bananas all day long. 

Of course the most common way to enjoy is to right out of the peel, all day, everyday.  Thomas Marshall, District Sales Manager dubbed this the “classic peel and eat” – and we couldn’t agree more!  It’s so popular that we feel including it in the list would cheat you out of these expert tips.


1.     In a smoothie.

Who doesn’t love a smoothie?  And what is a smoothie without a banana?  Whether you like them sweet and fruity or on the savory side, we have options for you!  Check out our assortment of recipes in our digital library!  Assistant District Sales Manager, Alba Ramirez shares, “I love bananas in protein smoothies for breakfast. I add half a frozen banana, 1 tsp of cinnamon, half tsp of cake batter flavoring, 1 cup of oat milk, 2 scoops of my favorite protein powder, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter.”  While Frank Cale, a Dole veteran of 35 years, enjoys bananas in green smoothies because a ripe banana masks the bitterness of the greens.


2.     On the grill

Krissy Santillo, Regional Products Manager says “There is no wrong way to eat a banana!”  She enjoys them grilled with melted chocolate and marshmallows - yum.  While Sales Support Specialist Ren McFadden gives banana bread a whole new life by grilling it until warmed through for dinner.  She combines it with a salty meat for that sweet and savory mashup that you just can’t resist! 


3.     In a sandwich

For breakfast or lunch, mashed banana with peanut butter (or without) between two slices of bread is the clear winner.  It’s simple, can be made in advance or put together quickly at the office for a satisfying lunch – every time! 


4.     On top of cereal

Our sales team really likes to have bananas with cereal.  From warm oatmeal with honey and overnight oats to unsweetened cereal and frosted flakes at least one banana a day is going down at breakfast. 


5.     As dessert. 

Katye Savage Regional Sales Manager on the Walmart account advises caramelizing them and drizzling with cinnamon and honey for a quick anytime dessert. 


If you’re a smores fan, try this version from Ren.  “Cut a banana long-ways, not all the way through. Add in mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and graham cereal. Freeze dried strawberries too, if you're feeling zesty. Wrap it in tin foil, and bake at 400F, or campfire grill it until it's all soft and melted. Eat with a spoon. Repeat until you're 90% banana.”


And remember, there is no wrong way to eat a banana!

Published April 1, 2023

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