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Five Tips for Mindfulness this Summer

Five Tips for Mindfulness this Summer

Embrace your senses


Hot workplaces, travel stress and struggling to get that bikini body ... sounds exhausting. But there’s a lot more to the summer. Instead make the most of the warmer months and enjoy them mindfully!  From colorful fruit salads, campfires outdoors and yoga in the garden, there’s a lot to look forward to. Stay in the here and now with these 5 tips for more mindfulness this summer.

Mindfulness tip 1: Find yourself at the campfire.  It crackles, sizzles and warms us on cool summer evenings. A campfire is probably one of the most elemental ways of soothing the soul and a wonderful way to experience more mindfulness.  They are mystical and meditative; they evoke childhood memories. Sitting in front of the fire, we can simply lose ourselves in the flames and allow our mind to wander. It often also results in particularly intensive conversations. Give it a try! Tip: Thread some fruit, such as apples, peaches or bananas onto skewers. Cook them over the fire until they are lightly caramelized.

Mindfulness tip 2: Feast on some colorful summer fruit.  When was the last time you savored the smell of fresh strawberries, sweet bananas, sparkling pineapple or juicy raspberries? These fruity aromas stimulate all the senses and immediately inspire feelings of summer.  Feast on the fantastic variety of fruit available at this time of the year and allow the scent and taste of the fruit to work their magic on you. You will be amazed at how pineapple, kiwis, grapes and the like can be transformed again and again into a variety of tasty dishes. Why not start the day with our pineapple cheesecake overnight oats, enjoy our red leaf raspberry salad and cool down with our rainbow smoothie, frozen banana blast or green slimesicles.  The summer is more colorful than ever and you are a part of it!

Mindfulness tip 3: Leave the car and discover nature.  Literally get out! In summer, leave the car behind as much as possible and get out into nature on your bike or on foot. Listen to the sound of insects chirping and birds singing in the forests and meadows. Lie down in the cool grass and watch the clouds go by above you. Take a stroll along the bank of the river and follow its flow. All you need is yourself and time, nothing else. Nature is the one place where you can leave stress and anxiety behind you. Outside, you automatically feel calmer. And to make sure that a rumbling tummy doesn’t disturb this relaxing silence, make sure to have some fruity provisions with you on your mindfulness trip. Ultimate fruit infinity jarsraspberry and almond granola bars or oven-dried fruit leather are bound to hit the spot.

Mindfulness tip 4: Create your own oasis at home.  Feeling vacation envy? This can happen when friends and colleagues seem to be in the most beautiful holiday destinations and you are left sweating in the office or staycationing at home. So why not create your own little oasis and find more mindfulness in the summer. Set up a cozy little corner in your garden or on your balcony and decorate it with cushions, fairy lights and pretty candles. The hot summer weather almost forces us to start the day more slowly and more thoughtfully. How about some energizing morning yoga to start your day?

Mindfulness tip 5: Swim using all your senses.  Whether it’s in the sea, in the lake or a pool in the open-air, swimming has an incredibly meditative effect. You can experience this in a mindful way when you change your swimming mindset. This time it’s not about power and speed, but rather harmony with water as an element. Listen consciously to the bubbling and lapping sounds of the water and to your breath. Let yourself be supported by the water and feel the absolute effortlessness. And, as swimming is bound to make you hungry, our shrimp salad rice bowl is the perfect match for the element of water.

Published July 1, 2022

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