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Five Things to Gobble Gobble This Thanksgiving

Five Things to Gobble Gobble This Thanksgiving

Five Things to Gobble Gobble This Thanksgiving

Holiday guide to Dole produce

Planning the Thanksgiving lineup can be a major project.  How do you choose between new and tasty dishes or your traditional go-to?  While the turkey will likely make the cut… let us suggest these five fruit and vegetable inspired appetizers, sides and desserts for your holiday table:

Plantains:  We love Pumpkin Spice Plantain Chips it marries a seasonal favorite, pumpkin spice, with the heartiness of plantains.  Pairing with an apple dip balances the dish with natural sweetness and makes for an unexpected and seasonal appetizer. 

Brussels Sprouts:  These mini cabbage shaped veg are high on fiber, low on calories and eating them has been linked with improved weight loss.   Our Oven Fried Gochujang version will make your holiday buffet perfectly on trend this year. 

Cauliflower:  Recently, cauliflower has – very successfully – been posing as pizza crust, mashed potatoes, even rice.  This holiday let it shine as its au natural self with our Roasted Cauliflower Green Beans with Bacon Mushroom.  It’s savory and earthy and everything Thanksgiving. 

Potatoes:  We’re sure you have mashed potatoes planned, but how about a twist? Not only are these bad boys easy to wrap and toss in the oven while other dishes cook, they make the best blank canvas for leftovers.  Thanksgiving Loaded Smashed Potatoes are layered with flavor from gravy,  tang from cranberry and creamy crunch of potato – and ohh so delicious. 

Bananas:  Take traditional pumpkin pie up a notch by adding mashed bananas.  They lend a natural sweetness and produce an even creamier texture.  Our version of Pumpkin Banana Pie removes the guilt of dessert with a crustless twist. 

Published November 1st 2019

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