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Spa Mode - At Home Edition

Spa Mode - At Home Edition

Tips to create a relaxing experience at home


Can’t get to the spa?  Whether you’re social distancing or just can’t make the time for a dedicated visit, we have a few tips for creating day (or even just an hour) of relaxation at home. 

One of the most memorable parts about going to a spa is that zen-like environment.  From the infused water, the quiet atmosphere to the comfy robes, these little details add up to a big experience. 

First, take inventory – what do you have at home?  Do you have a yoga block and mat?  Set it up under a tree outside to create a meditation zone.  Do you have a massage chair? What is your favorite setting?  What about your shower – does it have a steam setting?  Do you have any hair or facial masks that you forgot about?  What are the favorite parts of your home?  Is it your front porch or your garden?  Let’s work with what you’ve got to create a conducive environment!


  1. Find a comfortable space that is warm and relaxing.Determine whether you feel more calm in a bright environment or a dim one. Light the room accordingly!


  2. Take a moment of silence!Before doing anything, quiet your mind, enjoy a cup of herbal tea in a comfortable chair or out in the garden.Get in a clear headspace to enjoy the day.


  3. Light a candle or use a room spray.Use aromatherapy to invoke a feeling of calm.


  4. Ask Alexa to play a spa soundtrack to allow relaxation to commence!The violin, flutes, harps and nature sounds work well.


  5. Simple upgrades to your usual bath.If you’ve never tried bubbles or Epsom salt additions.Start there!Seaweed is another option!No bathtub, no problem!Before stepping into the shower, put a few drops of essential oils in there!


  6. Arrange for a spa lunch complete with infused beverages, easy meals that can be prepared the night before or just enjoy a jazzed up fruit plate.

Your day could look something like this!

8:00 am                Wake up.  Put on your favorite robe and slippers.  Light candle in bedroom and bathroom and turn on relaxing music. 

8-8:30 am            Herbal tea on the front porch

8:30-9 am            Massage chair

9-9:30 am            Pineapple Cheesecake Overnight Oats in the garden

9:30-10:30 am   Yoga on the deck followed by Sweet Green Smoothie

10:30-11:15am   Face mask and bath

11:15 – 12:30     Manicure and Pedicure

12:30                     Baked Lemon Salmon with corn and tomatoes



Published August 1, 2021

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