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5 Ways to Spring Clean for Health and Wellness

5 Ways to Spring Clean for Health and Wellness

5 tips to reset for wellbeing


Spring cleaning for the soul! As everything starts to bloom again, we are reminded of how good a reset can be. Now is the time to thrive in the true sense of the word and pay extra attention to your well-being. How can you do that? Dispel negative feelings, boost your diet with fresh fruit and vegetables, make your everyday routine more sustainable, try out new activities or simply enjoy the here and now. Read on for our five tips. 


  1.  Avoid negative thoughts and feelings.  Are you feeling stressed about an argument with your best friend? Are you frustrated in your job and always on edge in the mornings? If these negative feelings sound familiar, spring is the time to do something about them. For a better perspective, it is important to identify the cause. How about writing down your thoughts and try to talk about what’s on your mind. This will help you get to the root of the issue and set the foundation for a reset. 


  1. Add more color to your diet.  Nature is finally waking up and we are excited for something fresh! It’s the perfect time of year to add more color to your plate too – think plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs, seeds and spices.  Tip: Our Dole recipes are also perfect for when you are out and about. Give them a go, and combine spring activities with an energy boost! Make sure you try our shrimp salad rice bowl.


  1. Embrace sustainability.  Do you read blogs and follow social media accounts that focus on sustainability but feel that you aren’t really that sustainable yourself in your everyday life? Perhaps you are aiming too high. It is fantastic, if you are more environmentally aware in as many aspects of your life as possible. But you can also make a big difference with small changes. Where possible, buy unpackaged food; switch off electronic devices at home; even repair things rather than buying new. We have put together some useful ideas for you on how you can reduce food waste here.

  2. Take up an exercise that you really like.  Take a moment to think about what type of movement brings you joy.  Do you prefer to go hiking or do you love yoga? Whichever you choose, long-term exercise is important for a better perspective on life. And of course, you need to enjoy whatever it is that you choose, in order to keep doing it. So, rather than simply following the latest fitness trends, stay true to yourself and your interests.


  1. Live in the here and now.  Perhaps you are constantly mulling over things that happened in the past or perhaps worried about the future. Pivot to the positive this spring by staying in the present moment. Focus on today, as life is happening right NOW. This is definitely a process, but it’s worth it. Meditation can also help you to feel more content in the here and now. Be inspired by our mindful tips here!


Published May 1, 2023

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