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<p>Close And Clear In The New Year</p>

<p>Close And Clear In The New Year</p>

Close And Clear In The New Year

Serving vessels make the difference with fruit consumption

If eating more fruits and vegetables is part of your New Year’s resolution than this is THE article for you.  New research published in Environment and Behavior shows that proximity and visibility both play a large role in the amount of fruits and vegetables eaten

Researchers experimented with 96 college students by placing apple slices and carrots in either clear or opaque bowls at tables both close to participants and about two meters away.  Food was “served” in front of participants and they were all encouraged to help themselves.  After a few minutes, it was observed that both fruits and vegetables were consumed in greater quantities when they were left close to participants.  However, when they were served up in clear bowls, only the apples enjoyed greater consumption.  Researchers hypothesize that apples are sweeter and maybe more appealing to eat than veggies. 

The moral of the story here is if you want to eat fruits and veggies, you need to think ahead and make sure they are available to eat when hunger strikes!  The best way to fill half your plate with fruits and veggies is to fill half your cart with them at the grocery store too!

Here are some of our favorite dietitian inspired tips: 

  • Clean and slice some of your produce when you get home from the store and put in CLEAR sealed containers to encourage consumption. Clean and slice celery and carrots for afternoon snacks and slice apples and pears and sprinkle with cinnamon for a light dessert.
  • Start early!  If you focus on getting 1-2 servings at breakfast you’ll be well on your way to finish the day strong.  Try a veggie frittata, smoked salmon salad or mashing banana into your oatmeal.
  • Keep dried fruit in your car’s glove box for days when hunger pains hit during rush hour traffic.  A sure way to hold you over until dinner!

Published January 1, 2018

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