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Plant Power May Reduce Blood Pressure

Plant Power May Reduce Blood Pressure

Fruit is a powerful component of the diet when it comes to supporting heart health; so much so that daily fruit eaters are 40% less likely to die from heart disease. Wow! A diet rich in fruits combined with vegetables also pays off big as both play a key role in recovery and long-term prognosis of those with cardiovascular disease. But what happens when meat and dairy are added to the diet?

Research published in the Journal of Hypertension suggests that any diet change towards eating more plants (when comparing the standard American diet think diets like Nordic, DASH, Mediterranean) is effective in reducing blood pressure – even when animal products are included. Simply, this means you can gain the heart protective benefits of lowering blood pressure and reducing risk of stroke and heart attack by adding more produce to your plate instead of eliminating meat and dairy all together!

  • Grapes – One study showed they may be effective in countering sodium’s damaging effects on the heart.
  • Garlic – This yummy allium has been linked with preventing heart damage!
  • Onion – Besides making everything taste delicious, the onion has been observed to reduce brain swelling (up to 30%) after stroke!
  • Broccoli – Studies have shown that just a ½ cup can lower risk of heart attack and stroke thanks to lower calcium deposits!
  • Strawberries – One study saw patients at risk for heart disease had a 13% drop in LDL cholesterol after adding 3 cups strawberries into their diets!

In honor of your heart and vegetarian month, put our Heart Salad on the menu tonight!


Published October 1, 2022

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