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Plant Curious?

Plant Curious?

Maybe reducetarianism is right for you

Are you plant curious but feel that you’re not quite ready to dive into a full-fledged vegan lifestyle?  According to Nielson Data only about 2% of shoppers follow a fully vegan diet yet searches for vegan products are upwards of 7 million across some of the largest online retailers in the past year alone.  It’s also documented that vegan items as a category have seen 17% growth, which is massive!  Remember, those that follow a vegan lifestyle exclude all animal products from their diet including beef, poultry, and fish, including their byproducts such as milk, eggs, even honey.  While this sounds restrictive, experts at Neilson believe that consumers want to move towards healthful and sustainable diet changes and are doing so by adopting a flexible – “better and not best “– mindset. 

So, keeping this flexibility in mind, let us share with you the Reducetarian movement.  It’s pro vegan, pro vegetarian, omnivore and flexitarian, but moreover it’s just about a reduction of overall meat in the diet.  With reducing your personal intake of meat by 10% as an initial goal.  Their mission is to improve health, protect the environment, and spare farm animals from cruelty by reducing consumption of meat.  And what many people love about it is that it’s far from an all-or-nothing movement.  They truly focus on small changes and collective behavior that results in significant difference worldwide.  For example, they suggest reductions by skipping meat with dinner if you had it for lunch, going for a veggie burrito instead of beef, or by choosing to go meatless just one day per week.  These simple changes are approachable, and that’s what it’s all about. 

At Dole, we are pro FRESH fruits and vegetables and our goal is to make them appealing and easy to consume.  Whether we’ve piqued new interest in following a plant-forward lifestyle or you follow a more formal vegan diet, be sure to visit our recipe center for easy-to-search plant-forward recipes. 

All day long, and for every meal occasion, we have you covered. 

Sweet Potato and Plantain Vegan Hash

Sesame Tofu Bowls

Vegetarian Pizza Rollups

 Slow Cooker Vegan Jambalaya

Published January 1, 2022


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