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Does eating pineapple burn fat?

Does eating pineapple burn fat?

A common myth persists when it comes to the popular pineapple: eating this fruit can automatically help you to lose weight quickly. But is it actually true that pineapples boost fat burning? We solve the mystery of this supposed “fat burner”.

Enzyme as panacea

The belief that pineapple allegedly accelerates fat burning can be traced back to the effects of bromelain. This enzyme, which is present mainly in the unripe fruit and in the stem, ‘digests’ milk protein and other proteins, which has a beneficial effect on digestion. Bromelain is apparently also said to burn fat in this way. Unfortunately, however, the myth is too good to be true! Bromelain is rapidly broken down in the body after it is consumed and is dispersed in the gut. It is therefore already inactive before it can even begin to take effect in the fatty tissue.

Nevertheless – pineapple gets a thumbs-up from us!

Even if it doesn’t magically burn fat, it is still a fantastically healthy fruit, which we should snack on as often as possible! It is low in calories, has a high water content and provides us with numerous vitamins and minerals. Regardless of whether or not you want to lose weight, a varied diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables is the basis for good nutrition. We should therefore forget about crash diets or rapid “fat killers” when it comes to enjoyable meals.

Let’s hear it for the pineapple!

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