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Chocolate but Healthier

Chocolate but Healthier

The no added sugar way to enjoy chocolate 

Do you get the warm and fuzzies when you think about the health benefits of dark chocolate?  We do!  After all, it’s been documented as a medical treatment since the 16th century.  Studies suggest dark chocolate’s superfood properties have a positive relationship with insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, athletic performance, even the ability to process information more effectively!  Another recent preliminary study suggests the effects of dark chocolate may also extend to improve mobility for those with peripheral artery disease.  In large part, these benefits are contributed by the antioxidants found in cocoa, the main ingredient in dark chocolate.

Most articles touting the health benefits of dark chocolate dive into caution regarding the % cocoa and portion control as bar chocolates come with added fat, sugar and calories.  It’s for good reason, because depending on chocolate variety the levels of sugar and fat can vary greatly. But what if we told you there was a way to enjoy cocoa flavor, and it’s benefits in a more natural way than even dark chocolate?  Let us introduce cocoa nibs! 

Not to be confused with chocolate chips, nibs are pieces of the cocoa bean that have been fermented, roasted and cracked away from the shell.  Edible cocoa bean in its pure form, full of antioxidant goodness.  As you can see below, still a significant source of fat, but also a significant source of fiber followed by 4g of protein.  If there was a way to level up the health properties of dark chocolate – THIS IS IT. 

Nibs, 1oz                                              70% Dark Chocolate, 1oz              

Calories                                140cal                                                    170 cal

Total Fat                              14g                                                         12g

Saturated Fat                     8g                                                           7g          

Cholesterol                         0mg                                                       1mg

Sodium                                 0mg                                                       7mg

Total Carbohydrate         9g                                                           13g

Added sugar                       0g                                                           7g

Dietary Fiber                      10g                                                         3g

Protein                                 4g                                                           2g

These crushed nibs can be added to oats, smoothie bowls or even used in baking where you may typically use chocolate chips.  They have a deep cocoa flavor and are a great source of fiber without added sugar, making them a better alternative to getting your daily chocolate fix!  They also offer a great crunch.  Try them in our Coconut Acai Bowl today!

Published December 1, 2021

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