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The Dole Way

The Dole Way

Our commitment to doing what’s right for nature, for people and for food

As we continue to see and feel the urgency of sustainability challenges, consumers, employees and other stakeholders are calling for action, integrity and transparency. In fact, 88% of consumers want brands to help them live more sustainably. At Dole, we couldn’t agree more – and we understand making the world a better place is no small feat, it takes hard work, dedication, intention, patience and determination. These are many of the same core values that are needed in a lifetime of growing positive outcomes – for nature, for people and for food. It’s what we call, The Dole Way.

Dole was founded on the principle of “quality, quality, quality.” And today, as a leader in the fresh produce industry, we are proud to uphold this standard and further this commitment to create a resilient and sustainable future. As we embark on pursuing our sustainability commitments, we’re sharing our progress and celebrating our achievements through #TheDoleWay.

In nature, everything is connected – good agricultural practices enrich biodiversity

At Dole, we’re on a mission to push the boundaries of sustainable agriculture. Climate change is real, and it’s up to all of us to understand our impact. Our team of researchers and growers are working harder than ever to scale up past innovations and implement new techniques that will mitigate the effects of climate change and protect nature. In our own experience, we have seen a single agricultural idea lead to significant environmental benefits in energy savings and efficiency at scale. By 2025, we aim to achieve 100% optimized water practices in Dole-managed farms and packing facilities, and by 2030, aim to achieve net-zero carbon emissions at the farm-level from Dole-managed operations.

Enriching the lives of our people – through integrity, loyalty, commitment and respect
Our sustainability efforts have been driven by grassroot initiatives that have had an impact in the communities in which we operate. Since 2005, the DALE Foundation has invested over $36 million in education, medical and community development programs in Latin America. Dole also offers opportunities for employees to increase their education and skills through training and local classes. Investing in our employees is a true focus of our company and we want to continue cultivating a positive workplace where people feel they can grow, thrive and be themselves. 

Innovating to create a sweeter and fresher future for all

Dole is always innovating to provide customers with scientifically backed ways to promote nutrition. To improve food safety traceability, we recently teamed up with Walmart, IBM and other partners to implement advanced food traceability solutions. Produce that’s been logged via blockchain can be instantly traced back to any point in the supply chain – our goal is to implement blockchain product tagging technology and/or advanced traceability solutions in all our divisions by 2025.

Additionally, we continue to minimize food waste and support food and nutrition-related causes through donations and volunteering. In 2018, Dole donated 52 million pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables to food banks, schools and other philanthropic organizations globally.

We see and hear the calls for improvement—for nature, for people and for food—and we are right there with you. As a global leader in fresh produce, it is our responsibility to be an agent for change. As our way of life continues to evolve, at Dole, we will also evolve the way we nourish the planet, harvest our produce and nurture our team. We’re excited to continue sharing more about our sustainability journey as we grow The Dole Way. Join us on this journey, and together, we can grow good things. 

Published March 1, 2021

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