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Our Commitment - The Dole Way

Our knowledge and commitment, our innovative projects and solutions are the keys to creating better long-term results from cultivation to consumption. Our goal: we want to keep improving opportunities for communities around the world. As one of the world's leading food companies, we want to be an important pioneer of change.

Our Commitment - The Dole Way

Dole’s framework paves the way for further improvements in areas where we believe we can make the biggest positive impacts. Developed in coordination with Dole’s three main business divisions, the framework is intended to be easily understood yet thorough enough that there can be no doubt about where our priorities stand. The big picture: Dole's sustainability activities focus on people, nature and nutrition. We aim to positively influence the lives and livelihoods of the people who work for and with us, and their communities. We want to protect nature with smart strategies and we consider a diet with the highest quality fruit and vegetables to be an essential part of health and wellbeing.

We do it

Our way is The Dole Way – a firm commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability. In an honest and transparent way, we set ambitious goals and defined concrete metrics. Our sustainability history shows that we have already began our journey. But Dole will continue on this exciting path in collaboration with our partners, consumers and retailers. Let's tackle the future together today!

Dole Water Management Water Management Water is life – that's why we at Dole want to handle this most-valuable asset with care. Our goal: 100% optimized water management on all farms managed by Dole and for all packing facilities by 2025. Learn more! Dole Soil Conservation Great Climate We have only one earth and climate protection concerns us all. We at Dole are empowered to make a real and impactful contribution to the fight against climate change, because undoubtedly it is a reality. Learn more! Dole Packaging Reduction Innovative Waste Reduction Anyone who wants to act in a sustainable way, will inevitably have to deal with the challenges of waste. Our world suffers from too much plastic waste. Reducing that concerns us all. Learn more! Socially Engaged From the farmer to the warehouse clerk – it is the diverse experience of our employees who have always shaped the Dole company. We at Dole are proud of their passion to positively impact the global supply of fresh fruit and vegetables and engage locally to help improve their lives and communities. Learn more! Health & Nutrition for Everyone As one of the world's leading food companies, Dole stands for fresh, quality products. Together with our employees, we share one great wish: we all want to contribute to the global food supply with the most nutritious, highest-quality fresh fruit and vegetables. Learn more!

Dole Corporate Sustainability Report

For over 170 years, we have been as proud to deliver nutritious, high-quality produce all around the world, as we have been to take responsibility for the land from which it is grown. And we are equally committed to supporting and enhancing the global communities that ensure we can produce and deliver the quality of produce we are known for.

The Dole Way is our enduring commitment to grow, process and distribute our produce responsibly - today and for generations to come.

Download the 2021 Dole plc Sustainability Report

Read more about our progress here

2022 Dole plc Progress Report


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