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Take Control of Winter Weight Gain

Weight Gain in Winter May Be Evolutionary Process 

With Halloween on the horizon and temperatures starting to drop, wintertime is looming ahead—and so is the dreaded winter weight gain. The average American packs on an extra pound during the holiday season, and there may be an underlying reason why. 

Using a computer model, researchers from the UK demonstrated that we may have evolved to have subconscious urges to over-eat during the winter. In prehistoric times, food was scarce in the winter, so our bodies learned to cling to body fat for survival. “All animals, including humans, should show seasonal effects on the urge to gain weight. Storing fat is an insurance against the risk of failing to find food, which for pre-industrial humans was most likely in winter,” explains lead researcher Dr. Andrew Higginson in a press release.  

Though we no longer suffer from shortage of food, it seems we may have never ditched this prehistoric mechanism to hold on to weight. But not all hope is gone! There’s plenty you can do to outsmart your body. Ward off winter weight gain with these healthy living tips:

Published October 1, 2016

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