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Spring Social

Spring Social

Daily engagement for longevity


Imagine a world where catching up with friends over a cup of tea or joining in on the weekly bingo night could actually help us live longer. Well, it turns out that may just be the case – at least, according to a recent study from China.


A team of researchers took a look at the lives of over 28,000 older adults living in China to see if socializing with people more often had any impact on how long they lived. And guess what? They found some pretty convincing evidence that it does. During the study, about 74% of the participants passed away; however, those who more regularly engaged socially were the ones who, on average, stuck around for longer.


Now, don't worry, you don't have to be the life of the party every single day. The study showed that any increase in hanging out time could be a good boost to your lifespan. But here's the kicker – the folks who socialized almost every day seemed to really hit the jackpot when it came to living longer, especially over the long term.


It's like adding a pinch of salt to a recipe – just the right amount brings out the flavor, and in this case, the "flavor" is a few more precious years. Whether it's game nights, book clubs, or just gabbing with your neighbors, it seems that a little interaction goes a long way.


Why not make some banana or pineapple tea and catch up with a friend.  Your future self will thank you! 


Published May 1, 2024

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