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No More Food Waste

No More Food Waste

Your Handy Guide


Let's chat about something super important that we're all a part of - reducing food waste. While it sounds like a big challenge - guess what? We can tackle it together, and it's way easier than you think. From smart shopping to creative cooking, every little step counts. Time for some fun and friendly tips to kick food waste to the curb.


Tip 1: Shop Like a Pro

Before zooming off to the grocery store, take a moment to think about what you actually need. Jot down a little meal plan and consider how long that yummy produce and bread will last. This way, your cart will only have what you'll truly enjoy, and nothing will end up lonely (and uneaten) at the back of your fridge.


Tip 2: Shop on Full, not Fuel

Ever notice how everything looks so much tastier when you're hungry? Try to shop after a meal instead. That way, you'll pick only what you need and not what your rumbling tummy is convincing you to buy. Your wallet and pantry will thank you later.


Tip 3: The Beauty of Imperfection

You know those fruits and veggies that aren't winning any beauty contests? They need love too! They taste just as good than their flawless cousins. Plus, choosing these quirky veggies means we get to be the heroes saving them from being overlooked.


Tip 4: Doggy Bags to the Rescue

Left a bit on your plate at the restaurant? Ask to take it home with you. When you do, you get to enjoy your delicious meal twice while giving food waste the boot.


Tip 5: Store Smart to Store More

Keep your dry goods like pasta and lentils in a cool, dark spot. Fruits like bananas, pineapples and oranges are happy on your countertop, while many veggies prefer the comfort of your fridge's crisper drawer.


Tip 6: Waste Not, Want Not

When you're prepping your fruits and veggies, get creative. Banana peels in smoothies? Yes, please! Broccoli stalks in stir-fries? Yum! Turns out, a lot of what we toss is tasty and super nutritious, so snip wisely and enjoy the bounty.


Tip 7: Oldie but Goodie

Those slightly wrinkled fruits and veggies might not win any beauty awards, but they're perfect for soups, purees, and all sorts of cozy dishes. They're still full of flavor and ready for their culinary close-up.


Tip 8: Best Before Isn't a Farewell

That 'best before' date isn't a hard goodbye! It's just a heads-up on peak tastiness. Before you toss that cheese or yogurt, remember that it's usually still good to enjoy for a bit longer.


Tip 9: Share the Love (and Food)

Have too much food in the house before an upcoming trip? Don't be shy—see if your friends or neighbors fancy some grub. Sharing with others feels great and keeps good food from going to waste.


Tip 10: Keep It Cool (or Fermented!)

Wanna keep your food fresh as long as possible? Freezing is the way to go. Or why not ride the trend wave and try fermenting? It's cool, healthy, and a fab way to enjoy your fruits and veggies all year round. Check out our pineapple kimchi recipe!


And that's a wrap.  By following these simple, savvy tips, we're not just cutting down on food waste; we're making our kitchens a whole lot happier. Here's to making a difference—one delicious bite at a time!


Published April 1, 2024

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