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Get Up and Grow!™ Together with Produce-Packed Recipes

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Try the New Get Up and Grow!™ Together Recipes for 2016

Summertime and the eatin’ is easy! No need to stress about how to fit your fruits and vegetables into your menu this summer. Dole has you covered with unique and tasty recipes made with plenty of fresh produce. Check out what we mean! 

Café Banana Frappe: Coffee and banana are two breakfast standards, so why not blend them together? This unique and frothy beverage packs a caffeine jolt to jumpstart your morning, plus plenty of calcium, potassium, and vitamin B6. Sip this with a piece of whole grain toast or oatmeal to round out a nutritious breakfast. 

Blazin’ Fruit Salad: Fire up the grill! This summery salad made with pineapple, banana and apricots will be the hit of your next cookout. Grilling fruit evokes a smoky sweet flavor that no one can resist. Enjoy as a side or even as dessert. 

Pine-Berry Spice Punch: Forget the sugary bottled drinks—this uniquely flavored party punch is naturally sweetened with fresh strawberries, pineapple and honey. With more than double your daily vitamin C, this festive drink is a favorite with both kids and adults. 

Refresh: Kick back, relax and refresh. This mellow green smoothie is the perfect drink for a warm summer day. Made with celery, pineapple, banana and apple, this revitalizing beverage provides a good source of potassium and fiber and an excellent source of manganese and vitamin C. 

Broccoli and Fruit Slaw: Potato and pasta salads are getting somewhat dull. Really WOW your guests with this produce-packed slaw made with broccoli, banana, celery, strawberries and grapes. The crunchy-sweet combo is sure to please your family and friends. 

Brussels Sprouts and Grilled Pineapple Salad: Who says you need lettuce for a delicious summer salad? Shaved Brussels sprouts provide the base for grilled pineapple and fresh blueberries, all dressed up with lemon-honey vinaigrette. An addition of smoked almonds and shaved manchego cheese adds irresistible flavor and crunch. 

Salad Sipper: Salad in a glass! This healthful beverage is perfect for those who need to slip more nutritious greens into the day. Made with banana, pineapple, blueberries and baby spinach or kale, this slightly sweet drink makes a delicious breakfast or nutrient-packed snack. 

Red, White and Berry Salad: Feeling patriotic? This salad is for you! Start with the DOLE® Spinach Cherry Almond Bleu Salad Kit and load it up with fresh fruit—bananas, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries make this summertime salad a bowl full of color. 

Caesar’s Bounty: A classic with a twist! Using the DOLE® Ultimate Caesar Salad Kit, this crowd-favorite is topped with blueberries, strawberries, asparagus and avocado for a truly memorable salad experience. Make a bigger batch for parties, or simply enjoy for lunch. 

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Published July 1, 2016

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