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Down Time for Kids

Down Time for Kids

An important part of the routine!

School is back in session, you are busier than ever and there is an entirely new routine to settle into.  Whether you’re waking up earlier and packing lunches or gearing up for after school activities and social functions, these changes require you—and your kids—to adapt.  If you and your little ones are having trouble adjusting to the new normal, you all may just need a little downtime.  After all, continuous stress without periods of rest and relaxation can have a detrimental effect on our health. And between school, homework and afterschool activities, life really can be quite stressful for children too.

But what does relaxation for children actually mean? It will vary from child to child—some love to read books, others enjoy being out in the fresh air, and it may take a few trials before learning what works best.  Check out these six tips for relaxing with the kiddoes!

  1. Free painting:  Using colored pencils or watercolors, drawing and painting are very relaxing activities, which also foster concentration, motor skills and creativity. After a hectic day in kindergarten or at school, painting offers the perfect solution for switching off and forgetting the world. A suitable snack for budding artists – Rainbow Chia Pudding.
  2. Discover books:  Exciting stories and imaginative pictures capture the attention of even the very young ones. If mom or dad read aloud, children experience feelings of trust and security and can relax. And something to nibble on is of course always a good idea – how about some freshly diced pineapple?
  3. Dance and music:  Relaxation for children doesn’t always have to mean a quiet activity - many love to let off steam with music! They can dance to their heart’s content with cheerful, upbeat children’s songs or play with drums, maracas and xylophones add to the musical experience. Afterwards, a homemade fruit leather is a healthy option to recharge the batteries.
  4. Out and about in nature:  Breathe! The calming power of nature is something very special. Wandering through a wooded path, jumping into puddles or romping through fields – stress is soon forgotten in the open air. And if you want to make a longer excursion out of it, simply put together a few snacks for the whole family.
  5. Shared kitchen fun:  Cooking is a wonderful way for many adults to switch off, but children too can find the kitchen very relaxing. They can help you prepare meals in the kitchen or it may be equally as fun to share imagination time in their play kitchen!  Tea party anyone?
  6. Peace and quiet in the cuddle cave:  When all is said and done, if the kids have been active during the day, they often want to spend time with parents as it comes to an end! A cozy cuddle cave is easy to build with blankets or bedsheets. It’s a snug place where the little ones can offload all their cares. Don’t forget your flashlight and ‘provisions’!  We like our Disney inspired DOLE Snow-flower Pizza or Veggie Pinwheels!

    Have fun. Now take a breather!

Published September 1, 2021

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