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Seven Superfood Smoothies to Put in your Blender

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If you’ve made a resolution to eat healthier this year, consider adding a smoothie to your day. Smoothies are easy to make, they’re portable, and they can be blitzed up with virtually any liquid, the perfect vehicle for veggies and protein for an energizing meal. They’re also easily customizable to meet every taste and are #awesome for emptying the vegetable drawer. But, beware, not all smoothies are created equal, some may contain added sugars while others can be overloaded with calories. Avoid these pitfalls of store-bought smoothies by making your own at home.

  1. Power Punch Smoothie – This bright green smoothie has iron, fiber and vitamin C from ingredients like baby spinach, avocado and pear. A lightly sweet and creamy combination for your morning routine.
  2. Pineapple-Turmeric Smoothie – This earthy combination has a massive flavor hit from ginger, cayenne and turmeric. This antioxidant mixture is sure to give your taste buds a jolt.
  3. Pineapple, Plantain & Sweet Potato Smoothie – It’s not every day that you put a sweet potato in the blender, but it sure does make for a creamy smoothie, delivering 6g fiber and an excellent source of vitamin C.
  4. Dole Beet ‘n Berry Smoothie – This dark red smoothie looks as good as it tastes, and it adds 7 different fruits and vegetables to your daily tally. It’s a balance of earthy, sweet, savory and bright.
  5. Garden Patch Smoothie - Get a one-two punch with fruits and veggies like romaine and cabbage, bananas and berries from this one. It’s also an excellent source of vitamin C, Potassium, Manganese and has 12g fiber to help you feel full for hours.
  6. Right Note Smoothie – Feed your soul with Dole’s oh-so satisfying Right Note Smoothie, inspired by Disney and Pixar’s Soul! You also can download and print the recipe card here.
  7. Dole Pineapple Julep Smoothie – Our julep substitutes ice for frozen bananas and sugar with maple syrup. We added pineapple, coconut milk and coconut water garnished with mint to create a drink that will both look and taste great.

Published January 2021

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