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"Mother's Little Helper"

"Mother's Little Helper"

Chocolate does double duty

Whether a mom is home with an infant or getting the kiddos off to school – there is always something to do.  This constant go-mode can result in stress, lack of sleep and unfortunately one unhappy mamma.  Is it a mystery then, that moms frequently turn to dark chocolate for a pick-me-up?  In addition to offering a delicious momentary escape, our review of chocolate research reveals several benefits:   

Researchers attribute these benefits to dark chocolate’s polyphenol and flavonoid content - the same types found in tea and red wine—only more concentrated in cocoa. 

Fun fact:  Some of best cocoa in the world is grown domestically at The Waialua Estate in Hawaii.  Also home of Dole’s Tropical Gold Pineapple, it’s the only state in the union with enough sun and rain to support a cocoa crop!  The plantation dedicates 20 acres of volcanic soil resulting in three yummy varieties:  70% Hawaiian Extra Dark, 50% Milk Chocolate and 55% Cacoa Nib.  

If you want to make a Mother’s Day gift this year, try our Vegan Dark Chocolate Pineapple Truffles , wrap them in cello with a pretty bow and give your mamma a gift that will make her feel just as good as they taste. 

Published May 1st
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