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125 Years of Dole Bananas

125 Years of Bananas

Dole has become synonymous with bananas, forever changing the way we experience this delicious and nutritious fruit. As we celebrate 125 years of growth, innovation, and commitment with farming the iconic yellow fruit, we invite you to join us on a journey that traces the roots of Dole's past and paves the way for a brighter future.

From Our Farms to Your Table

Mother and child enjoying banana.

1899 - A Seed is Planted:

It all began when Joseph, Felix and Lucca Vaccaro along with Salvador D'Antoni pooled their resources and began importing bananas to New Orleans from La Ceiba, Honduras in 1899 (just months before Jim Dole landed in Hawaii). They started the Standard Fruit Company, laying the foundation for what would become Dole Bananas.

Beyond the Peel: A Legacy of Innovation

Dole's journey has been marked by groundbreaking advancements:

From Fruit Bowl to Global Icon:

Dole didn't just deliver bananas; they helped make them a ubiquitous part of daily life:

125 Years and Counting: The Future Beckons

Dole's dedication to growth never sleeps. We're constantly investing in cutting-edge research and development, exploring areas like:

The Ultimate Banana Cookbook

Dole's Ultimate Banana Cookbook

Get ready to savor every major banana flavor with our new, Ultimate Banana Cookbook! Free to download this booklet hosts a curated list featuring 35 of our favorite banana recipes. From savory to sweet, breakfast to dinner, beverages to sauces, this cultivated list of banana bliss is sure to have every palate tingling with delight. Enjoy!


Click here to download

Dole Banana Hall of Fame

Come celebrate our latest inductees with us! Our Dole Banana Hall of Fame was created to honor those culinary and cultural institutions that have played a pivotal role in making the banana a universal symbol for simple nutrition, goodness, flavor, and fun. We thank each one of them for their ongoing contributions to the lore, legacy, and global appeal of the quintessential yellow fruit.

Check back often as we add new inductees throughout 2024! Banana lovers can nominate their own favorite banana icons – from people and places to banana dishes, drinks, and desserts to bananas in film, TV, music, and popular culture – by using the hashtag #DoleBananaVersary on any Dole social media page.


Brennan’s New Orleans – Creator of the Bananas Foster Click for more on Brennan's Latrobe, PA – Birthplace of the Banana Split Click for more on Latrobe, PA Bobby Banana - Global Healthy-Eating Icon Click for more on Bobby Banana

Dole Banana-Versary Downloads

Bring the iconic love of Dole Bananas into your home with unique Dole 125th Banana-Versary printable games, activities, and more! From a full-scale banana party kit to banana fortune tellers and an activity book filled with banana-centric activities, cut-outs and educational fun, there’s something delicious for everyone to enjoy.

Banana Party Menus: Wedding Reception Click to download and print Dole Peel & Play Collector's Edition Click to download and print Dole Click to download and print Dole Banana Fortune Tellers Click to download and print Dole “Be Bananas” Party Kit Click to download and print

Dole 125th Banana-Versary Recipes

Celebrate our 125th Banana-Versary in the most delicious way! Bring bananas into your kitchen through this curated selection of our favorite Dole banana recipes. From sweet to savory, we have something for every palate!

Looking for more, check out our Recipes section in the site menu.

Classic Dole Banana Bread 1 hr Banana Chips 3 hrs 34 Minutes White Fish with Banana Salsa 10 Minutes Tropical Banana Split Milkshake 15 Minutes Banana Chicken In Black Beans 35 Minutes Ultimate Banana Pudding 25 Minutes Mini Banana Pancake Bites 35 Minutes Grilling Banana BBQ Sauce 40 Minutes Banana Peel Bacon BLTs 30 Minutes

Join the Celebration!

Throughout 2024, Dole will be celebrating our 125th year of bananas experience with bunches of fresh content, exciting events, and special programs, such as limited-edition stickers, contests and community engagement initiatives.

As we celebrate, we invite you to join the festivities!

Together, let's raise a banana to 125 years!

#DoleBananas125 #BananasForTheFuture


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