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10 foods that will keep you feeling full for longer

10 foods that will keep you feeling full for longer

Do you have breakfast in the mornings but your stomach is already rumbling as you make your way to work? Fortunately, this won’t happen after breakfast or any other meals once you know the right nutritional tricks.

But why do you feel full for longer after eating certain foods? This happens when the food you eat contains a high proportion of fibre, which expands in your stomach and fills it, and plenty of protein. So, it’s actually quite simple isn’t it?

These 10 tasty foods will keep you feeling full for longer. They are also good for you and will prevent sudden cravings for sweet snacks. You need to try them!


These are a fantastic option. Pulses, like peas, lentils and beans, are full of protein and fibre. If you are looking for a food that will keep you feeling full for longer, try including versatile pulses in your diet. They taste fantastic as a soup or in a salad. Chickpeas have recently become very popular again. So how about trying our pineapple Buddha bowl?

Low-fat quark

Not only popular with athletes, low-fat quark is a great all-rounder. This simple dairy product is also one of those foods that will keep you feeling full for longer. You already know why: low-fat quark is a protein bomb. It is digested slowly and fills you up nicely. Quark can also be used as an ingredient in many dishes. This substantial food tastes deliciously fresh, especially for breakfast. Our tip: fruity proats.

Wholegrain products

Everyone has probably noticed at some stage that a slice of white toast will only keep you full for a short while, while a crunchy slice of wholegrain bread will keep you full for much longer. Wholegrain products score highly when it comes to fibre and also taste much more interesting than their white flour counterparts. So why not try some wholegrain alternatives when you are eating bread, pasta and the like? You’ll notice the difference. We went ahead and decided to try wholegrain buns with our delicious chicken burgers.


Dear hens, thank you for this wonderfully substantial food! We suggest enjoying an egg every now and then, it will keep you feeling full for longer. An egg at breakfast time or some egg in a salad will literally provide you with a “filling” protein boost. Don’t like eggs? No problem, you still have plenty to choose from among our other tips.


Oh, yes! What else would you expect? Crunchy vegetables should always form part of a healthy diet anyway. In addition to providing vitamins and minerals, carrots, peppers and other vegetables are also a source of fibre and water. Perfect for keeping you full for longer. We love colourful salads, like our cauliflower, broccoli and pineapple salad.


Have you noticed how many good substantial foods there are? Here comes the next one – fish! Cod, pike and salmon all contain plenty of high-quality protein. So if you have fish for lunch, it will keep you full until it’s time for dinner. Another advantage is that fish also contains the all-important omega-3 fatty acids. A delicious idea to try is our fruity coleslaw with salmon.


The fruity theme continues. Let’s not forget about fruit when we are looking for foods that keep us feeling full for longer. Apples, bananas, kiwis and blueberries, for example, are a great source of fibre. Fresh fruit is always a good idea in a daily diet. Eaten on its own as a snack, in porridge, as a salad or in a smoothie – eat fruity! A galactic substantial snack worth trying is our galaxy smoothie bowl.


Who remembers homemade potato soup, casseroles and jacket potatoes from childhood days? The tasty tuber is the ideal choice when you want that pleasantly full feeling; it also prevents cravings. Potatoes are certainly not old-fashioned, they can be creatively combined in any number of ways. In addition to the traditional potato, sweet potatoes are also worth a try. Here they are roasted with spinach.


A quick snack for in between meals and the perfect choice for a rumbling stomach, nuts, such as hazelnuts, walnuts and pecans, will provide you with protein, energy and healthy fats. Take these mini-powerhouses with you as a hearty snack when you are out and about, or sprinkle them on salads and muesli. Whatever you choose, they are a clever option for keeping you feeling full for longer. Our blueberry and sweetheart cabbage salad with hazelnuts will give you plenty to chew on.

Chia or flax seeds

Incredible! Despite their tiny size, chia and flax seeds will keep you super full. They expand in your stomach and fill it. They also contain anti-oxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Sprinkle the little seeds on salads or porridge, or add them to your smoothies. Simple and delicious: fruity coconut chia pudding.

So, full already?

Your Dole Team


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