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Spanish for “apple,” some describe the flavor of Manzano bananas as a cross between the tart flavor of an apple and the sweetness of a banana. Manzanos are smaller than Cavendish bananas and best consumed fully ripe when the peel is entirely yellow. Dole Manzanos Peeled Fruit


Vitamin B6 supports energy metabolism Potassium helps maintain healthy blood pressure Vitamin C supports a healthy immune system


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How do you pick ripe manzanos?

Choose fruits relatively free from blemishes. The Manzano Banana, as is true with most bananas, is harvested green and ripens during and after shipping. Bananas with brown or black spotted peels indicate ripeness. Avoid selecting fruit where the skins have split. Store at room temperature.


How do you prepare manzanos?

The manzano banana has a creamy almost velvety texture that makes it a natural addition to yogurts, smoothies and puddings.


How do you store manzanos?

If bananas are not yet ripe, let them ripen naturally at room temperature until soft. The skin will start to brown but the flesh will stay firm and delicious. Once ripe, the Manzano may be refrigerated for a few days.

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