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All our fruit from the farm straight to your local supermarket. The farm code tells you which farm produced the fruit you are eating. Just enter the 3- or 5-digit code to find out where your fruit came from and learn about the country and the people who grew and picked it!

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Coconuts provide an excellent source of fiber and manganese. Coconuts


Dietary Fiber supports heart health Manganese supports energy metabolism
Excellent Source of Dietary Fiber, which supports heart health.
Excellent Source of Manganese, which supports energy metabolism.


Make the most of your fruit! Learn how to select, prep, and protect your farm-fresh produce.


How do you select coconuts?

Choose a coconut that is free of cracks and is heavy. Shake it and listen for a full liquid sound.


How do you use coconuts?

How to open: Since sharp tools are required, a coconut should only be opened by an adult! To open, locate the three "eyes." One of these eyes is softer than the others. Using a knife, clean the area around the eye, then begin digging. If the eye is small and you are having difficulty, you may need to use a screwdriver. When you pierce the shell and break through the meat, you will hear a hissing sound. Drain the coconut water into a jar. To crack open the shell, you will need a hammer or strong mallet to break up the shell. Either place the coconut in a bag before hitting it or wear eye protection, as there may be flying shell fragments. Chunk, chop or grate the meat. Both the milk and the meat are great for cooking.


How do you store coconuts?

If unopened, a coconut can be kept at room temperature for up to six months. Grated fresh coconut can be kept in a refrigerator in a tightly sealed container for up to four days or frozen for six months.

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