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All our fruit from the farm straight to your local supermarket. The farm code tells you which farm produced the fruit you are eating. Just enter the 3- or 5-digit code to find out where your fruit came from and learn about the country and the people who grew and picked it!

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Improving Agriculture

We take great pride in our research and development. Decades of research and hands-on traditions on Dole’s own farms and research centers have yielded many advancements and innovations to good farming practices—learnings that are shared with our worldwide network of independent and family farmers.

Dole Sustainability Improve Agriculture

Organic Farming

Dole has been farming organically for over two decades, with positive impacts in the local communities, biodiversity, soil conservation, and greenhouse gas emission reduction. We continue to farm organically, and this practice has benefited many aspects of Dole’s agricultural practices in conventional farming also. By channeling the strength and resilience of nature, we can produce high-quality and nutritious crops and improve our environmental footprint. The Dole Organic Program supports the company's mission through agricultural innovation and industry-leading research and development.

Agricultural Practices

All producers within Dole’s network of company-owned and independent farmers across the globe are held to strict worldwide environmental standards. As per the Company’s Code of Conduct, all employees and key suppliers must sign and comply with this policy without compromise. Dole’s environmental programs are monitored in various ways both within and outside the company, including formal and informal audits, pre-harvest residue analyses, and residue monitoring of shipments before delivery to the customers. Dole also shares over a century of agricultural knowledge with its independent pineapple and banana growers, providing technical guidance and training in safety and environmental protection.

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Empowering Stories

We invest in our people and give them the opportunity to invest in projects of their choosing.

What is the Dale Foundation?

Discover how the Dale Foundation operates in Peru and its positive impact on organic banana producers, banana workers, and their families.

What is the Dale Foundation?

Doing Good For People and Planet

Find out how we're empowering people and helping the planet.

Enhancing Communities

Our programs continue to empower employees and their communities.

Protecting Our Environment

Our sustainable practices enhance freshness and reduce footprints.

Improving Agriculture

Healthy soil, better farming practices, and a history of agricultural innovation.


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