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Dole Whip Wonderland

Dole Whip Wonderland
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Welcome to Dole Whip Wonderland - Where Dole Whip is Life!

No treat is more iconic than the Dole Whip. Since 1986 it's been entrancing pineapple lovers at fairgrounds, ice cream shops and amusement parks (including the most famous one) all around the world.

Whether you're a seasoned Dole Whipper or one hoping for a taste, we've made creating this iconic treat at home easy, healthy and above all, fresh and natural! Get ready to send your taste buds for a trip with 13 obsession-worthy Dole Whip flavors that are destined for flavor-fame.

Dole Whip by the Stars - 13 Whips of the Zodiac

With stars aligned and the cosmos swirling, we bring you the 13 Whips of the Zodiac. Wondering which Whip is right for you? Seek your sign to find out which Whip the universe has matched you with! Read more about each sign, in our Dole Whip Zodiac blog post.

Aries thumbnail

Sweet and Spicy Tamarindo DOLE Whip

#NoFilter is Aries' daily! With their highly competitive nature and uncanny ability to get mad and then forget why, this fire sign pairs perfectly with our Sweet and Spicy Tamarindo DOLE Whip

Whip it Yourself!
Taurus thumbnail

Classic DIY DOLE Whip

"Don't go change'n" is Taurus' life motto! From their love of relaxation to their homebody nature; the Classic DIY Dole Whip is one stable go-to this all-or-nothing earth sign can hang their hat on.

Whip it Yourself!
Gemini thumbnail

Golden Curry & Mango DOLE Whip

Dare me to try it?! Full of curiosity and highly charismatic, Gemini pairs perfectly with our Golden Curry & Mango DOLE Whip. This flavor combo is sure to give this super talkative air sign something to gab about for days to come!

Whip it Yourself!
Cancer thumbnail

Creamy Lemon-Blueberry Swirl DOLE Whip

Grab some fluffy blankets, a box of tissues and put on the latest rom-com! Cancer's sensitive nature and comfort-seeking ways makes this water sign perfectly suited to get wrapped up in our Creamy Lemon-Blueberry Swirl DOLE Whip.

Whip it Yourself!
Leo thumbnail

Dark Chocolate DOLE Whip

Hello World! Leo is here and ready to let everyone know it. Exuding warmth and creativity, this fire sign is one personality you can't ignore. Their love of luxury and wanting to stand out makes them fittingly paired with our delectable Dark Chocolate DOLE Whip.

Whip it Yourself!
Virgo thumbmail

Healthy Halo-Halo Inspired DOLE Whip

Got a random pile of what's its laying around? Virgo's the sign to turn them into 10 different useful gadgets! Always ready with a quick fix, this logical earth sign's million-ideas-per-second brain will flourish with our busy-but-it-works, deliciously Healthy Halo-Halo inspired DOLE Whip. Whip it Yourself!
Libra thumbnail

Twisted Candy Cane DOLE Whip

Libra, you're a natural born diplomat and seeing every side is your superpower! With this air sign's keen ability to avoid conflict, our Twisted Candy Cane DOLE Whip offers a healthy swirl of color and flavor without having to make a choice.

Whip it Yourself!
Scorpio thumbnail

Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate DOLE Whip

With honest eyes that can pierce our soul, Scorpio you scare us, but we love it! Totally OK with uncomfortable silence, this elusive and calculating water sign needs something spicy, cold and a little mysterious, just like our Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate DOLE Whip.

Whip it Yourself!
Sagittarius thumbnail

Mint Green DOLE Whip

As green is associated with fresh beginnings, new adventures are everywhere for Sagittarius! Effortlessly magnetic, larger-than-life spirits and ready to befriend every person stuck in Ikea, this fire sign is all about emotional connections and a great match for the intensity of our Mint Green DOLE Whip.

Whip it Yourself!
Capricorn thumbnail

Berry Banana Fro-Whip

Fully grown since age 6, Capricorn is always our pragmatic voice of reason. Combining confidence, dedication, and unrelenting hard work their success is as reliable as the never-fail flavor pairings. 

Whip it Yourself!
Aquarius thumbnail

Blue Hawaiian DOLE Whip

Ready for a zombie apocalypse?! Aquarius already has their bunker stocked and ready to go. Innovative, progressive, and always living a bit on the edge, this endearing outcast air sign will love our naturally bright Blue Hawaiian DOLE Whip. 

Whip it Yourself!
Pisces thumbnail

Pumpkin Spice Sweet Potato DOLE Whip

Pisces, you're the youngest old person we know! Somehow 5 and 50 at the same time this excessively romantic, intuitive water sign can't ever remember if they dreamt it, or it really happened. With a no-boundaries attitude, our Pumpkin Spice Sweet Potato DOLE Whip is perfect for someone so imaginitive.

Whip it Yourself!
Non-sign thumbnail

DOLE Whip Popsicles

We know not everyone fits into a category and for those who truly like to stand alone, we bring you the best of both Whip worlds with our DOLE Whip Popsicles! Classic DOLE Whip flavor meets handheld happiness. We know you'll be satisfied because everything tastes better on a stick. 

Whip it Yourself!

Dole Whip Life

Dole Whip life banner

Live up your Dole Whip obsession with even more Whip-life fun! Deck out your phone with delectable wall papers, stay organized with our printable calendar, personalize your favorite things with sweet printable stickers and start your Dole Whip bucket list with our savory recipe booklet.

Dole Whip Recipe Booklet Dole Whip Calendar Dole Whip Zodiac Dole Whip Stickers Dole Whip Bucket List

#DoleWhipLife Phone Wallpapers

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