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Dole Whip Wonderland

Dole Whip Wonderland
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Welcome to Dole Whip Wonderland - Where Dole Whip is Life!

No treat is more iconic than the Dole Whip. Since 1986 it's been entrancing pineapple lovers at fairgrounds, ice cream shops and amusement parks (including the most famous one) all around the world.

Whether you're a seasoned Dole Whipper or one hoping for a taste, we've made creating this iconic treat at home easy, healthy and above all, fresh and natural! Get ready to send your taste buds for a trip with 13 obsession-worthy Dole Whip flavors that are destined for flavor-fame.

#DoleWhipLife Creator of the Year

Meet our #DoleWhipLife Creator of the Year, Rachel Anderson! She won our hearts and tastebuds with her uniquely curated, delectable Dole Whip delight.  Get ready to savor the fun-loving flavor as her recipe takes you on an adventure of Dole fresh fruit proportions!

Rachel Anderson


I’m Rachel Anderson and I’m a wife and mother of two little girls. I love finding a creative twist to family favorite recipes. It brings me joy to share recipes via Instagram that incorporates an element of surprise in my creations. Created at home shares quick, easy, and creative ideas designed for the fast-paced lifestyle of working moms. I love Dole Whip and the refreshing and healthy options it provides! Find me on Instagram

Try out Rachel's Strawberry Coconut Lime Dole Whip recipe below.



Strawberry Coconut Lime Dole Whip 10 Minutes

DIY Dole Whip at Home

We're bringing the iconic fun and flavor of Dole Whip into your own kitchen with 13 healthy and unique recipes! Explore every corner of Dole Whip Wonderland as you browse our exciting DIY Dole Whip Flavors. Each so crave-able, you'll be wishing for a Whip every day.

Classic Dole Whip

Classic DIY Dole whip

Bring home the classic flavor of our most iconic treat! This wave of tropical freshness brings DOLE Pineapple and Bananas together in a swirl of sweetness that will have you saying it’s Tiki-Time!

Click here for the recipe!

Pumpkin Spice-Sweet Potato Dole Whip

Indulge in the autumnal bliss of our Pumpkin Spice Sweet Potato Dole Whip! A delightful fusion of creamy sweetness and warm spices that will transport your taste buds to a cozy fall paradise.

Click here for the recipe!

Berry Banana Fro-Whip Dole Whip

Experience a burst of fruity euphoria! A luscious blend of ripe berries, creamy banana, and frozen banana creating a refreshing treat that's as vibrant as it is delicious.

Click here for the recipe!

Dark Chocolate Dole Whip

Elevate your dessert experience with a velvety symphony of rich cocoa and smooth banana and topped with berry fruitiness that promises to indulge your senses in a guilt-free, delightful indulgence. 

Click here for the recipe!

Dole Whip Popsicles

Embrace the cold with our irresistibly refreshing Classic Dole Whip Popsicles, bringing the iconic tropical goodness of Dole Whip in a convenient frozen pineapple-coconut treat.

Click here for the recipe!

Blue Hawaiian Dole Whip

Jet-set your tastebuds to the tropics with this tribute to Dole's Island roots. Made with DOLE® Pineapple, Bananas and Lemons, it’s as delicious as it is vibrant.

Click here for the recipe!

Creamy Lemon-Blueberry Swirl Dole Whip

If Summer could be swirled into a dessert, this would be it! A creamy blend of DOLE® Blueberries, Bananas and Lemons that will have you day dream’n of fun in the sun.
Click here for the recipe!

Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate Dole Whip

Indulge in a chocolate cinnamon sensation great for any season! This whip brings some sweet heat to your senses with its smooth, comforting combination of DOLE® Bananas and Avocados, cocoa, and cinnamon.
Click here for the recipe!

Golden Curry & Mango Dole Whip

Savory yet sweet, this tantalizing flavor combination brings together DOLE® Bananas, Pineapple and Mango for an exotic taste sensation.

Click here for the recipe!

Healthy Halo-Halo Inspired Dole Whip

Bring on the flavor, layer after layer! Dole’s take on the popular Filipino dessert features DOLE® Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries Grapes, Mango, Bananas, and Pineapple.

Click here for the recipe!

Mint Green Dole Whip

So brightly delicious, others envy its flavor! One of Dole’s tangiest Whips ever brings together green spirulina and DOLE® Blueberries, Bananas, Avocado, Grapes, and Spinach.

Click here for the recipe!

Sweet & Spicy Tamarindo Dole Whip

Embrace both sides of your personality with a split of sweet and spicy that’ll have you feeling whole and happy. An unexpected mix of DOLE® Bananas, Plantains and Pineapple delivers a powerful flavor punch.
Click here for the recipe!

Twisted Candy Cane Dole Whip

This twisting tower of peppermint perfection will zing you straight into holiday season! Featuring fresh DOLE® Strawberries, Raspberries, Bananas, and Pineapple, this one’s sure to be a party stopper.
Click here for the recipe!
Dole Whip Tile

Dole Whip by the Stars - 13 Whips of the Zodiac

With stars aligned and the cosmos swirling, we bring you the 13 Whips of the Zodiac. Wondering which Whip is right for you? Seek your sign to find out which Whip the universe has matched you with! Read more about each sign, in our Dole Whip Zodiac blog post.

Learn More

Dole Whip Life

Dole Whip life banner

Live up your Dole Whip obsession with even more Whip-life fun! Deck out your phone with delectable wall papers, stay organized with our printable calendar, personalize your favorite things with sweet printable stickers and start your Dole Whip bucket list with our savory recipe booklet.

Dole Whip Recipe Booklet Dole Whip Calendar Dole Whip Zodiac Dole Whip Stickers Dole Whip Bucket List

#DoleWhipLife Phone Wallpapers

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