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White Christmas, white produce


Dreaming of a white Christmas? Dream up some white fruit and veggies, and you may lower your stroke risk dramatically, research suggests.


Strokes result when blockages reduce blood flow to the brain. The leading cause of long-term disability, affecting nearly 800,000 Americans annually, strokes are also the third leading cause of death. We know that eating more fruit and vegetables in general helps to lower stroke risk — but a study looks at what color of fruit might provide the biggest benefit.


White cauliflower in a bowl on a table
Picture: Perfect match! White Christmas with white cauliflower


Four groups of produce


The Dutch study, published in Stroke, divided produce into four color groups: green, orange/yellow, red/purple and white. Administering food questionnaires to 20,069 adults (average age 41), researchers then compared incidence of stroke over a 10-year period with prevalence of the variously colored fruit and vegetables in subjects’ diets. 


Only the white group of fruit and veggies (including bananas, pears, apples, mushrooms, cucumbers, cauliflower and chicory) was associated with significant protection – a full 52% lower risk among those with the highest intake of such ivory edibles.


A dessert made of bananas in a glas for the winter Picture: Banana is a "white" and healthy fruit - enjoy this dessert in winter


Why you should eat bananas


One of the most popular “white” fruits — bananas — contains nutrients that have been linked with other potential health benefits. Their vitamin B6 may help support DNA repair, while their vitamin C has been shown to help neutralize the free-radical damage associated with alcoholic liver disease. Compounds in bananas may help minimize colorectal inflammation, thus possibly lowering the risk of colon cancer. One way to enjoy bananas is to turn them into a decadent, soft-serve frozen treat. Simply pulse frozen bananas in a food processor to create a creamy delicious dessert. Top with fresh berries to add a little color to the white snowy dish!


Have a wonderful white Christmas!


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