According to a study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) – a nutrient combo including bromelain, vitamin C, rutin and grapeseed extract cut down face-lift recovery time by 17%. “Based on our findings, plastic surgeons can provide an even greater proactive approach to caring for patients and ensuring a greater degree of success to help their wounds heal,” announced Rod Rohrich, MD, president of ASPS.

How to incorporate these healing nutrients into your diet? A single serving (3/4 cup) of fresh or frozen pineapple gets you two-for-one, as both an excellent source of vitamin C and the exclusive food source of bromelain. While the ASPS study used supplementation, whole foods are the most natural way to meet your nutrient needs. So, whether you’ve just had “a little work done,” or simply skinned your knee, try dosing your diet with the following foods if you’re looking to heal in a hurry:

Bromelain: Enzyme may calm inflammation and act as a “clean up agent,” digesting dead skin cells to help injuries heal more smoothly. Source: pineapple.

Vitamin C: Spurs skin cell turnover and collagen formation. Sources include: pineapple, bell pepper, papaya, broccoli, citrus, kiwi.

Rutin: May act as vitamin C booster, strengthening capillaries and regulating their permeability. Sources include: buckwheat, citrus, apples, asparagus, black tea, onions.

Grapeseed extract: May protect vitamin C from oxidation, allowing it to enter, and thus strengthen, cell membranes.

Published June 27, 2005