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Nutritional Benefits of Sourdough Starter

Nutritional Benefits of Sourdough Starter

Baking with benefits


Have you been thinking about joining the sourdough train?  Homemade sourdough bread is a trend that first gained steam during the pandemic, but it has persisted, and now has a significant following.  If you’re unfamiliar, sourdough starter is a traditional ingredient for making bread with a unique flavor and it also brings various health benefits to your table. Here's how incorporating sourdough starter in your baking can contribute to better health and nutrition.


Improved Digestibility:  When you use sourdough starter to make bread, it helps make the bread easier for your body to digest. This is really good news for people who have tummy troubles like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) because it breaks down certain hard-to-digest carbs called FODMAP’s and proteins too. Simply put, this means the bread doesn't make as much gas in your stomach, so it's more comfortable to eat!


As it Relates to Gluten: Fermentation from sourdough starter partially degrades gluten, a protein found in wheat.  This makes sourdough bread a possible option for those with digestive sensitivities (though not for those with celiac disease).  While gluten does break down during the fermentation process, it still does not reach the necessary 20ppm (parts per million) considered safe for people with celiac disease. 


Enhanced Nutrient Absorption:  Sourdough fermentation goes beyond just improving taste and texture—it actively enhances the nutritional profile of bread.  Sourdough starter contains microorganisms capable of reducing phytic acid, allowing minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc to be more readily absorbed by the body.


Blood Sugar Management: Choosing sourdough can also contribute to better blood sugar control, as the fermentation process changes carbohydrate molecules and lowers its glycemic index.  More research needs to be done, but generally studies suggest that blood sugar and insulin levels were lower in those who ate sourdough bread vs. breads made with baker’s yeast. 


And the really neat thing about sourdough is that you can make everything with it – from banana bread and pancakes to sandwich bread and pineapple upside down cake.  If you bake it, you can probably turn it into a sourdough recipe!  Stay tuned to our social channels as we experiment with sourdough and fruit! 


Published May 1, 2024

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