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Kiwi Over Prunes

Kiwi Over Prunes

The preferred choice for regularity

Are you one of the many Americans that suffer from constipation?  If so, today may be your lucky day.  While it’s a subject most don’t publicly discuss, it’s one of the most common digestive complaints in the United States.  It’s estimated that 16 out of 100 adults experience symptoms - with women and those over 60 more likely to have chronic constipation.  Common remedies include supplements, massage, hydration, exercise, and diet changes or a combination thereof. 

A new study found that one green gem of a fruit improves relief of constipation and bloating while being quite easy to incorporate into a daily routine:  The Kiwi.  While we’ve shared similar studies before suggesting that 2 kiwis a day help improve bowel movements, those studies were limited to Asia.  This study builds on that research with a focus on U.S. participants verifying benefits translate to our population. 

Seventy-five participants were assigned either two kiwi, about 10 prunes or psyllium supplements daily over a four week treatment period while recording symptoms and answering regular questionnaires.    Researchers found that all three interventions were effective in increasing the number and ease of bowel movements for participants.  Bloating in particular was improved only in the kiwi group, and this group reported being the most satisfied with the intervention. 

Just two kiwis have about 90 calories, 2g protein, nearly 5g fiber along with over 400mg potassium, 130mg vitamin C, and 37 micrograms of folate.  They are a small yet mighty fruit that supports everything from skin health, to gut health and early development during pregnancy.  They’re also a nutrient packed addition for weight loss. 


Published March 1, 2022


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