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Green Tomatoes and Diabetes

Green Tomatoes and Diabetes

Low blood sugar and antioxidant benefits


Do fried green tomatoes have you thinking SUMMER?  Well, according to research published in the Journal of Biochemistry, you may want to think diabetes support instead!  The study suggests green tomatoes may be useful for people who suffer from diabetes.  The team’s lab results indicate that green tomatoes can induce hypoglycemia (AKA low blood sugar) with an added bonus of antioxidant effects. 


Getting blood sugar under control is a top priority for someone with diabetes. Afterall, high blood sugar causes changes all over the body and symptoms can leave you feeling uncomfortable at best…feeling thirsty, tired, nauseous even stomach pain just to name a few.  Getting a handle on it decreases your chances of serious health problems such as kidney disease, blindness and nerve damage! 


When it comes to antioxidants, fruits and vegetables like green tomatoes are an amazing diabetes-friendly option!  Previous research found that antioxidants help prevent the damage high blood sugar wreaks on your body.  Instead of damaging cells, blood vessels, and organs antioxidants bind with free radicals and essentially neutralize them and further damage.  By the way did you know that DOLE® Banana peels are an especially concentrated source of antioxidants


The green tomato (AKA unripe tomato) at the center of this study is typically consumed in Mexico, the U.S. and Central America and some regions of Latin America also use it for traditional medicinal purposes as well!  This was the first study to note the hypoglycemic action of green tomato compounds. 



Published May 1, 2021


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