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Green Tea and Cholesterol

Green Tea and  Cholesterol

Daily sip delivers lower cholesterol


If you’ve settled into a work from home lifestyle, you may notice two things.  You’ve started to cook more throughout the day, and you maybe drinking more tea.  Maybe it provided a moment of stress relief, an immune boost or it just had that comfort factor.Either way during COVID tea consumption is up, and it has it’s benefits!  From helping with conception to lowering disease riskto simply enjoying a moment of calmness, a small cup of tea can reap big benefits.  New research reinforces the cholesterol lowering effects of green tea.  


study published in the Nutrition Journalreviewed over 31 trials encompassing over 3,000 people to learn the effects of green tea on total cholesterol (TC), LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and triglycerides.  Their analysis showed that green tea drinkers had 2.3% decrease in TC coupled with a significant decrease in LDL cholesterol as well.  (Remember LDL is the lousy cholesterol which contribute to your risk of heart disease and stroke).  Triglycerides did not show a significant change, though numbers did trend lower in green tea drinkers!  HDL (healthy cholesterol) was not impacted.  


Green tea is delicious and refreshing on it’s own, but if you’re curious how to take it up a notch, check out ourDole Banana Coconut Almond Hot Tea.  It’s a decadent way to enjoy a quiet moment at home.  


Published April 1st 2021

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