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Great Grapes for Young and Old

Great Grapes for Young and Old

4 ways to enjoy

Grapes are a real fruit classic, loved by young and old alike!  They’re a tasty addition to kids’ lunches (cut in half of course), charcuterie boards of all kinds, and a common addition to salads and even centerpieces!  Grapes not only look and taste good, they’re also good for you.  Research shows that just 2 ¼ cups daily have been associated with improved attention and memory in older adults.  They’ve also been found to have protective benefits from sunburn, in addition to supporting gut health and much more! 

Bowls:  A health-conscious foodie favorite, colorful bowls offer almost unlimited potential for variety. Whether fruit or vegetable based, color and freshness are always key!  Try grapes with a combo of whole grain rice pilaf, feta, walnuts, olives, pickled onion and arugula!  Talk about a grain bowl bursting with flavor! 

Smoothies:  The trend to blend has been around for quite some time – and for good reason! Homemade smoothies one of the very best ways to increase nutrition and limit food waste!  Grapes are an ideal addition for these delicious drinks – simply add the whole fruit to the blender and you’re good to go!  Go blue with a combo of bananas, red grapes, black grapes and blueberries with your favorite milk or go green with cucumber, green grapes, celery and almond milk!  Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Nice Cream:  This vegan dessert allows you to snack with a clear conscience. It is dairy and gluten-free and has no added sugar!  Take frozen bananas and blend together to form a creamy consistency, you can then add an equal amount of frozen grapes and drizzle with peanut butter for an old school flavor combination that everyone will love! 

Tooth Picks:  Want to know how to get a child to eat something new?  Put it on a toothpick!  It works for adults too!  Try placing grapes sandwiched between small pancakes as an easy brunch item.  Or add them to a skewer as an easy way to secure sliders!  You can even create a combo of colored grapes and bananas, freeze and enjoy as an after-dinner treat. 

Published September 1, 2021

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