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Golden Fruit and Glowing Skin

Golden Fruit and Glowing Skin

How pineapple supports skin health

Clear, radiant, glowing, smooth describes the kind of skin we all strive for.  Though genetics play a role, skin health is strongly linked to the lifestyle choices we make every day.  What we eat, how well we sleep, if we exercise and how we manage stress all contribute to our overall well-being.  Beauty isn’t just about outward appearance – it’s also about how we feel inside. 


Fruits and vegetables are great for the skin, many are rich in antioxidants, water and micronutrients that promote a healthy glow.  Pineapple in particular is a good source of Vitamin C and Bromelain, nutrients to take note of for skin health. 


Vitamin C encourages collagen production and supports skin structure.  Because it’s also an antioxidant it can also prevent skin damage and may also promote wound healing!


When it comes to bromelain, one study showed that it’s anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties were effective in treating a skin disease called Pityriasis lichenoides chronica which usually shows up as scaly skin patches. 


Taking it a step further, beauty products made with pineapple tout brighter skin due to high vitamin C and antioxidant properties.  There are also pineapple facial products that gently exfoliate, leveraging it’s bromelain content!   We caution you though, using fresh pineapple directly on your skin will not have the same effects, in fact due to bromelains enzyme action skin may become irritated!    


Nourish your body with the nutrients it needs and treat yourself with the care you deserve.  Through a balanced diet, exercise, sleep and stress management you can live a longer, more beautiful life! 


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Published June 1, 2021

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