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Eat More of These to Feel Less Anxious!

1A Eat More of These to Feel Less Anxious

Lower odds of anxiety found with more produce

If we made a list of the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, it’s safe to say – it would be much longer than the infamously long CVS receipt – and that’s saying a lot!  From living longer and supporting the fight against chronic diseases to helping achieve and maintain a healthy weight, all forms of fruits and vegetables offer consistently positive nutrition benefits, but a new study suggests our produce friends can also help with anxiety.   

In reviewing almost 27,000 participants, Canadian researchers identified a significant inverse relationship between a low daily intake of fruits and vegetables and high levels of anxiety.  Published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, low intake was less than 3 servings a day and had a 24% higher risk of being diagnosed with anxiety!  They also noted that participants who ate pastries were more likely to have anxiety.  Researchers think this either reflects a response to feeling anxious AKA “comfort eating”, or alternatively, that the high fat foods cause inflammation in the gut, resulting in uneasy feelings.   

Our #1 tip to increasing how many fruits and vegetables you eat each day is to have a variety on hand.  (And if fridge space is at a premium - this list has you covered). Get your 7-10 servings a day with us

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Published April 2020

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