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Celebrate National Fruits and Veggies Month

Celebrate National Fruits and Veggies Month

Tips and tricks to make it happen

Did you know that September is National Fruits & Veggies Month? And that this is uber important because in America we are right in the middle of a fruit and vegetable consumption crisis? Sounds major, right?  Well, it is. 

Everyone knows how healthy fruits and veggies are for our physical bodies. That’s indisputable. But, what we are starting to understand and appreciate is just how good they can make us feel! In fact, there’s a growing body of evidence globally that eating fruits and veggies is predictive of increased happiness, life satisfaction, and well-being. And, the Produce for Better Health Foundation’s (PBH) research indicates that those Americans who eat fruits and veggies most days per week say that they experience physical, emotional, and social benefits now and into the future. 

Talk about a simple way to get your happy on! Yet, close to 9 in 10 Americans still do not get enough! That is a produce consumption crisis.

That’s why we at Dole Food Company have partnered with PBH to honor National Fruits & Veggies Month.  Celebrating the importance of produce in our lives is a no-brainer. But, many of us need help actually making it happen. So we’ll throw out some tips and tricks to get you started!

Think of how many times you eat per day. What if you worked fruits and/or veggies in just 1-2 of those times? Note how awesome you feel! And, repeat.  

Find what works for you and create your fruits and veggie habits. Everyone is different and what works for you may not work for your parents, best friend, coworker, or neighbor. So, the first step is trial and error to figure out what ways are good for you. Then, keep up the good work! 

There’s no right or wrong way to Have A Plant®! Fresh is great, for sure, but, it’s not the only way to score some fruit and veggie credit! Here are some ideas you can try throughout the day:


At the end of the day, we just want more people to eat more fruits and vegetables – the plants that people aren’t getting enough of. And what better time than during National Fruits & Veggies Month to start incorporating more into your daily routine? So here’s a plan: Have A Plant®! For more information visit


Published September 1, 2022

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