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A Big Food Strategy to Keep Weight in Check this Season

A Big Food Strategy to Keep Weight in Check this Season

Give volumetrics a try

Weight loss and diet plans are always a hot topic, even as we go into the holiday season.  Especially if you made progress over the summer, the holiday season calls for a strategy to stay on track.  At Dole, we’ve shared the benefits of top plant-based diets such as the Mediterranean, Nordic, and Planetary but there’s a new diet on the scene we want to share with you!  It’s more of an overall strategy that is re-gaining relevance and it’s called The Volumetrics Diet. 

According to US News and World Report, it ties for first place for the best diets for weight loss after years of being on the list!  Basically, volumetrics keeps the idea of a “full plate” by shifting focus to foods that are very low-calorie or transitioning from medium-calorie or high-calorie to low-calorie foods.   

Very low-calorie density foods can be eaten at any time within this plan.  Examples include non-starchy fruits and vegetables including broccoli, lettuce, berries, and apples.  Nonfat milk and broth-based soups are also included here. 

Low-calorie density foods include starchy fruits and vegetables such as bananas, potatoes, peas and corn as well as grains, low-fat meat such as fish and poultry, and beans. 

Medium calorie-density foods include beef and poultry, cheese, fries, salad dressing, and more processed foods such as bread and cakes.  While high-density foods are highly processed and have the most fat including chips, chocolate, cookies, nuts, butter, and oil.  

The beauty of this diet is that no foods are “off limits” so you really don’t feel deprived.  Instead, you are encouraged to load up on very low-calorie and low-calorie density foods while keeping the other two groups at a minimum.  Which helps keep your plate and belly full while supporting weight loss and reducing the risk for chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. 

So, if you like to sit down to a full plate at mealtime, give volumetrics a try!  The Dole recipe center is loaded with recipes that fit within this plan.  We think it’s a win-win, especially as we enter into the holiday season and the New Year!!

Published November 1, 2022

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