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All our fruit from the farm straight to your local supermarket. The farm code tells you which farm produced the fruit you are eating. Just enter the 3- or 5-digit code to find out where your fruit came from and learn about the country and the people who grew and picked it!

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We Dance in this Kitchen

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Ideas to stay active as a family

Coming up with activities to keep your family moving can take some creativity. It’s recommended that preschool age children stay active throughout the day, while older children should aim for 1 hour or more of physical activity daily. Either way parents and caregivers are a big part of making sure this happens because they set the schedule. Studies show that parents who support physical activity for children, starting at preschool age instill important habits that support growth and development AND result in children that are more active as adults.

Beautiful summer weather is right around the corner. Here are our suggestions for taking advantage of warmers days whether you spend them indoors or out!

  1. Have a 90’s theme party! Go ahead, make a playlist to revive your favorite mixtape and show off your streetball, roller blading or skateboarding skills.
  2. Let everyone get involved in outdoor chores like car washing and leaf raking.
  3. Swap TV time for active games like hide-and-seek or tag.
  4. Make a contest of catching fireflies at dusk.
  5. Have an impromptu dance party in the kitchen while preparing dinner and setting the table!
  6. Have a race with your four-legged friends!
  7. Do a workout video together! It may take longer but little ones, especially toddlers, will really enjoy trying to keep up!
  9. Make a backyard obstacle course.
  10. Get out and grow! Fresh herbs are one of the easiest things to grow on a windowsill or raised garden bed. They grow quickly and add lots of flavor that helps interest children in trying less familiar foods. Parsley, Basil and Sage will grow well together in the same area, while something like mint will overtake the space. Check out our garden markers to label your garden, and while your waiting for seeds to sprout, you can print off a set to use a flash cards to help little ones learn the alphabet!

The most important thing is to remember to have fun while you’re doing it!

Published June 2020

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