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Hostess Gift with the Mostest

Hostess Gift with the Mostest


There’s no better way to show appreciation for an invitation to a party than to bring the host a gift – it’s the signature of a considerate guest!  But what to bring?  From the good ol standby bottle of wine, to coasters or chocolates, flowers and candles, the options are endless.  The trick to a standout hostess gift is to bring a gift that is fuss free and better yet, a gift for your host to enjoy after the soiree has ended. 

But why not give a gift that can be both enjoyed right away and savored later?  Sound impossible?  Well, you CAN!  With DOLE Pineapples, you can give your hostess a gift that is a centuries-old symbol of hospitality and welcome which can also double as a decorative centerpiece until they’re ready to enjoy it!  Did you know that in the 17th century, pineapple was considered to be a luxury good in Europe and was not only eaten but also used as a status symbol within home décor and gardens.

If this sounds appealing to you, keep these tips in mind: 

Choose a ripe pineapple by heading to your grocery store and selecting a fragrant and plump pineapple.  The good news is that pineapples are picked when they are ripe and will not ripen further after you bring them home!  Pro Tip: Choose a pineapple that has fresh looking leaves!

Store the pineapple at room temperature until you’re ready to cut it.  Ideally, pick one up the same day you intend to give it as a gift! 

How to cut a pineapple in just five easy steps.

1. Using a sharp kitchen knife, cut off the top and bottom of the pineapple.

2.  Then cut the pineapple into quarters. 

3.  Next remove the core from each quarter. 

4.  Now, with two downwards cuts, remove the flesh from the skin of each quarter.   

5.  Lastly, cut each quarter into bite sized pieces. 

Whether you’re going to a dinner party with close friends, celebrating a guest of honor, going to a housewarming or staying the weekend, a pineapple is a sincere, thoughtful and delicious offering. 

Published December 1, 2022

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