Dole wants to make 2015 your happiest, healthiest, year yet. As a produce industry leader in nutrition education and research, our goal is to help people get up and grow for a happier, healthier world. So we created the Get Up and Grow Healthy Living Pledge, your personalized commitment to living healthy and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. As part of this interactive pledge, you can set your own unique Get Up and Grow goal for the year.

But that’s not all. Once you submit your pledge, you’ll receive delicious new recipes, nutrition tips, and other useful information to make eating healthier easy and fun! Later this year, you’ll be able to keep us updated us on your progress – and we may even spotlight several Get Up and Grow pledge-takers in future issues of the Dole Nutrition News.

If you’ve already submitted your customized pledge, welcome to Get Up and Grow! We look forward to helping you reach your healthy-living goals.

To take the Get Up and Grow Pledge, go to