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Stay Healthy While Traveling This Summer

Dole is joining with Disney●Pixar’s Cars 3, which is now in theaters, to bring you “Fuel Up with Dole.” In the film, the legendary Lightning McQueen is suddenly pushed out of the sport he loves by a new generation of blazing-fast racers. To get back in the game he will need the help of his friends, and that’s the idea of “Fuel Up with Dole” – to encourage kids and families to stay on track with healthier food and lifestyle choices this summer. 


Summertime means many families are on the go, and what better message is there than fueling up for performance and feeling your best while traveling? Getting the whole family involved is the best way to live a healthier life this summer.


Consider these road trip-friendly tips from Dole to keep you revved-up this summer: 

  1. Have a plan. Travel is fun, but whether for business or pleasure, the days seem to get away from you more quickly than when you’re at home. Plan ahead, and pack some healthy snacks. Food is always on our minds, so know your travel schedule before you get too hungry or tired – which makes for unhealthy combination.  
  2. Use the fridge. Or, bring a cooler. If you don’t plan to use the items in the refrigerator at the hotel, ask them to remove them so you can use the space to store healthier options. If you do bring a cooler, take advantage of the hotel ice machines to keep your perishable items fresh. This will not only save you on the calories, but also your wallet, especially when it comes to snack time.
  3. Visit the local grocery store. DOLE products are sold all over the world! Choose to buy a meal from the store rather than ordering room-service or fast food. Let the kids be involved in picking what fruits and vegetables to keep on hand for snacks or desserts, and they will be more likely to eat them! 
  4. Drink water. Staying hydrated is important for keeping you energized. Dehydration can hit quickly and often disguises itself through hunger – but it may just be a sign that your body’s thirst needs quenched. Water is (usually) free, so have your kids pick out their favorite water bottle and bring it with you as a reminder to stay hydrated and happy throughout the day!  
  5. Be adventurous. Going on vacation or traveling is an opportunity to try new foods like local fruits and vegetables. Take advantage of the possibilities and try something new that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy at home. You may find a new favorite or be inspired to create your own healthy recipe at home to continue the vacation!

Of course, these tips work at home, too. Whip-up the Pineapple Pit-Stop Smoothie for breakfast, or make the Crunchy Banana Roll for an on-the-go snack, inspired by Disney●Pixar’s Cars 3 characters. Dole is here to help make the healthy choice the easy choice.


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Published July 1, 2017

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