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From Squish to Delish

From Squish to Delish

How to Properly Peel a Banana

Have you ever thought you might be peeling your bananas wrong? Yeah, it raises eyebrows, doesn't it? But hold on to your fruit baskets because we're about to get some pro tips from the ultimate banana connoisseurs - monkeys!

Picture this: You've got a fresh, beautiful banana in your hand, and you're ready to dig into that sweet, creamy fruit. But, oops... trying to open it from the top turns into a squishy mess, right? We've all been there. Now, here's a fun fact—our primate pals start at the bottom end, not the top. And guess what? It's a total game-changer!

Why peel from the bottom?

Well, for starters, it's way easier. Fresh bananas can be stubborn, the greener it is the thicker the peel, and when you try to open them from the stem, you might find yourself wrestling to crack the skin without bruising the goodness inside. Plus, those pesky little stringy things, yup, those threads - they won't bother you anymore. They stay attached to the peel, leaving you with a clean, ready-to-enjoy treat.  The, A-peeling Technique

Ready to have your snack time revolutionized? Here's what you do:

1.     Hold that yellow beauty in your hand.

2.     Gently but firmly, press the bottom of the banana between your thumb and index finger. (FUN FACT: The bottom is called the flower tip because, you guessed it, that’s where flowers would be produced.)

3.     Voilà! The skin splits into two clean sections, ready to peel away without any fuss.


And just like that, you can enjoy your banana snack.

Next time you reach for a banana, flip it around and try peeling it from the bottom. It's thinking outside the bunch, and hey, who knows, you might never look back. Snack smart, friends!

Published April 1, 2024

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