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All our fruit from the farm straight to your local supermarket. The farm code tells you which farm produced the fruit you are eating. Just enter the 3- or 5-digit code to find out where your fruit came from and learn about the country and the people who grew and picked it!

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Family Meal Time Serves Dual Health Purpose


Be a Healthy Role Model!

Children are observant little critters. One of the primary ways they learn is by seeing and imitating their parents’ behavior- especially when it comes to mealtimes. Research shows when families eat together, everyone eats better, meaning that they consume more healthy foods and nutrients including fruits, vegetables, fiber, calcium-rich foods and vitamins. It can be a challenge to get everyone home and at the table at the same time, but when you do – maximize the opportunity to be a positive food role model for your kids with these tips:

Bonus: Another study, published in Diabetes, suggests that a father’s exercise habits may influence their young even before they are conceived! Lead researcher, Kristin Stanford, summarizes findings: when "dad exercised, even on a high-fat diet, we saw improved metabolic health in adult offspring”.

Published June 1, 2019

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