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Your Ultimate Banana Campfire Menu

Your Ultimate Banana Campfire Menu

10 family friendly recipes

Are you heading out on a camping trip and need some quick and easy meal ideas? If you want something that’s hassle-free but still delicious, we’ve got you covered – with America’s favorite fruit (the banana) as the star ingredient! We’ve put together a list of our top 10 camping-friendly meals and snacks, perfect for families.

We searched the Dole recipe library (and even created a few brand-new ones) to curate a list of quick-and-easy camping meals just for you. Each recipe can easily be made over the campfire, or grill, and includes elements that can be prepped at home, saving you time at the campsite. Afterall, camping trips are the perfect time to create lasting family memories, and what better way to enhance that experience than with a delicious menu that’s already planned out for you. From breakfast to dessert, choose recipes from our menu so you can spend less time planning, and more time enjoying.

1.    Stuffed Bananas with Cilantro Sauce

We love this savory recipe because banana foil packs can be prepped and wrapped at home or at the campsite for a quick lunch or appetizer. 

2.    Grilled Banana Bites with Cashew Maple Dip

Blend the cashew dip before you arrive to the campsite so you can skewer bananas for a snack anytime.

3.    Grilled Chili-lime Banana-Sweet Potato Skewers

This seasoning offers a surprising twist on your typical skewer.  A perfect side for your favorite camping fare.

4.    Island Kabobs with Tropical Fruit Salsa

Sweet tropical fruits and savory shrimp—with a touch of spice—blend perfectly with the smoky flavor of a campfire. The caramelization adds a satisfying and memorable depth of flavor.

5.    DOLE® Suya Skewers

This West African-inspired Cajun-spiced chicken is paired with sweet, caramelized bananas for a delicious, smoky flavor that's perfect for a campfire cookout.

6.    Grilled Pineapple and Banana Habanero Sauce

With just a bit of heat this recipe delivers a smoky sweet combination and it’s easy to prepare over an open flame.  Make it early in your camping trip to enjoy throughout the week.

7.    Dole Grilled Bananas

Is there anything easier than placing unpeeled bananas over a hot grill for a sweet treat under the stars? 

8.    Grilled Banana-Berry S’mores

Want to take grilled bananas up a notch?  When you use this method of cooking, you may not even need the marshmallows! 

9.    Grilled PB& J Banana Boat

Get on the grilled banana train and enjoy this one for either breakfast or lunch!  When you do, you can ditch the cleanup because it’s all made in a foil pack!

10.  Banana Bread Granola

 This is the ultimate make ahead snack that will be ready anytime hunger calls.  Whether it’s after a hike or an afternoon swim, this granola will hit the spot!

Published July 1, 2024

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