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Are Red Bananas for Real?

Are Red Bananas for Real?

No you’re eyes aren’t playing tricks on you!

We are all familiar with red apples, red grapes, and even the blood orange which happens to be red! But when you think of red fruit, have you ever thought of bananas? Surprising but true! Red bananas are genuinely a “hidden gem” and taste absolutely delicious. The exotic fruit, previously only seen with a chic yellow peel, can also be found with a red skin. This unusual variety of the tropical fruit not only tastes delicious, and great for baking, it’s also a top performer when it comes to nutrition. What exactly are red bananas? Read on to learn more!

Versatile sister of the yellow Cavendish banana

Red bananas are cultivated in tropical regions, where they are known by a variety of names: Red Cuban, Claret Banana, Red Dacca or Lal Kela. Red bananas are naturally visually appealing thanks to their unusual color. They are usually smaller, thicker and more angular than yellow dessert bananas. By the way, it is only during the ripening process that the skin of the fruit turns deep red or purple, it is a greenish color to begin with.

The ripe fruit has a deliciously aromatic scent and an intensely sweet taste – almost like raspberries. The pink flesh of red bananas is also very creamy, which is why this fruit makes a perfect snack and is also ideal for smoothies, salads or for frying and baking. This tasty treat is particularly interesting when it is combined with spicy ingredients, such as ginger, paprika or chili. You can easily store red bananas at room temperature for a week while they ripen – which is often considerably longer than traditional yellow bananas. When ready to eat they will feel a bit soft and giving, similar to a very ripe avocado. If you don’t manage to find any fresh red bananas, they are also available dried in powder form which can be added to smoothies or bowls.

Tip: Sweet red bananas could appeal to children who are stuck in a fruit rut. Give them a try!

Red bananas are so healthy

It’s worth keeping an eye out for red bananas the next time you go shopping. This exotic fruit is bursting with healthy nutrients. First and foremost, red bananas are a great source of fiber, which helps to keep you feeling full for longer and stimulates your digestive system. They are particularly rich in vitamin C and vitamin B6 and also contain vitamins A and E. Red bananas are a good source of several minerals, including iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, selenium and zinc.

Are you ready for red?

Published June 1, 2022

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