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Air Fried Jibarito DOLE Plantain Recipe

Plantains are a staple food in many parts of the world, particularly warm, tropical regions surrounding the Equator.  According to the Plantain Council, plantains and bananas provide more than 25% of food energy requirements for over 70 million people, so it’s no surprise that they are listed as the 10th most important staple food in the world!  They fruit all year round, thus are a reliable all-season food. 


The plantain, also known as the cooking banana, is thick-skinned and ranges in colors from green, to yellow, to brown-black.  When unripe plantains are cooked and have no banana flavor, instead they are starchier much like a potato and can be cooked by steaming, boiling frying.  As the ripen, they have a sweet banana taste and a slightly chewier texture. 


In Central America and the Caribbean, the plantain is often fried, boiled or made into soup!  It’s also common for them to be mashed (after having been fried) to make a dish called mofongo.  They are also commonly fried and smashed into tostones.  They can also be boiled and stuffed - the opportunities are endless! 


At Dole, we strive to showcase plantains and all produce in a variety of ways, both traditional and modern.  We also offer healthier cooking techniques such as using an air fryer or roasting to achieve the same crispness that is so characteristic of fried foods.  One example of this is Jibarito!  This dish is simply a sandwich that is made with flattened, green plantains instead of bread!  Sound good?  Check out our Smashed Plantain Chicken Sandwich


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