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Adventurous Eating Pays Off

Adventurous Eating Pays Off

Adventurous Eating Pays Off

More Adventurous Eaters Have Lower BMIs

Are you resolving to try new healthy foods in 2016? A study out of Cornell University suggests branching out with your eating patterns may be a way to help you shed a few pounds in the New Year.

Researchers asked 501 young women questions about different foods that they have tried, and then categorized the women as either “adventurous” or “non-adventurous” eaters. Some of the foods they were asked about included bean sprouts, polenta, and seitan, a meat alternative made from wheat. They also asked some questions about women’s cooking and eating habits and calculated their BMIs.

The more adventurous eaters had significantly lower BMIs than those who were hesitant to try new foods. The adventurous women were also more likely to cook, placed more value on the health and quality of food, and were more physically active than the non-adventurous eaters.

Explore your grocery store and get adventurous in the kitchen and the dining table—the exotic produce section is a great place to start. Pick out one piece of produce you have never tried and use it in a new and healthy recipe. Have you ever tried a plantain? Plantain Crusted Salmon combines this exotic fruit with familiar foods and flavors.  You can also try using your usual favorite foods in new ways. Dole’s Get Up and Grow is all about making fresh produce fun and delicious, and our site is filled with recipes that utilize fruits and vegetables in unique and creative ways. Latin Lasagna is an adventurous combination of bananas, onions, spinach and tomatoes with taste that is sure to surprise and satisfy. 

Published January 1, 2016

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